We invite you to download descriptions and high, print quality pictures of our products, all of which may be used for your own catalogues and Websites. Please also take time to look through our archive as a selection of various advertisments and videos from the past 25+ years can be found there. We are currently busy creating a newspaper archive featuring articles about the Rohloff history. Unfortunately, this archive will not be freely available due to various copyright laws. If such articles may be of interest however, simply get in touch, these could always be useful as a basis for your own investigations into the Rohloff AG. We are continually on the look-out for freely available files to add to this archive although some of these may not always be available on a selection of different computer platforms.



File formats:

The majority of Rohloff documentation is available in pdf formats. To view these simply download the appropriate program at either 'Adobe' or an alternative source such as 'GS View'. You should be able to view our product pictures with all standard photo editing software.