Tools and bolts

Below is a list of all tools and bolts (along with their corresponding tightening torques) for the mounting of the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 and its accessories.

Torx TX20 wrench (Art. #8504)*

Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14:
8 or 9 Hub cap screws: M4 10 (3Nm/25”lbs.)
5 or 6 Axleplate screws: M4x25 (3Nm/25”lbs.)
2 Cable box cover bolts: M4x10 (3Nm/25in-lbs.)

External gear mech:
2 Guide pin bolts: M4 (3Nm/25in-lbs.)

Twist shifter:
2 Cable guide bolts: M4x16 (3Nm/25in-lbs.)version 8200
2 Clamp bolts: M3x12 (2Nm/16in-lbs.) new version 8206

Rohloff chain tensioner/DH chain tensioner:
2 End stop bolts (DH: just one): M4x10 (3Nm/25in-lbs.)
Jockey wheel axle bolt: M4 (3Nm/25in-lbs.)

Rohloff chain guide CC:
Bolt (rear distance bush): M4x20 (3Nm/25in-lbs.)Bolt (rear threaded bush): M4x20 (3Nm/25in-lbs.)
Bolt (rear threaded bush): M4x35 (3Nm/25in-lbs.)
2 Clamp bolts: M4x35 (3Nm/25in-lbs.) 

2mm Allen wrench

Internal gear mech:
8 Bayonet connector bolts: M4x4

External gear mech:
2 Cable pulley bolts: M4x4

Rohloff DH chain guide:
3 Mounting bolts: M4x8

2,5mm Allen wrench

Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14:
Twist Shifter (old version) Art. #8200 (0,5Nm/4in-lbs.)

3mm Allen wrench

Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14:
Oil drain screw (0,5Nm/4in-lbs.)

4mm Allen wrench

Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14:
Cable guide mounting bolt: M6 (6Nm/51in-lbs.)

TS versions:
Torque arm clamp bolt: M6x12 (6Nm/51in-lbs.)

Rohloff SPEEDBONE / MonkeyBone:
2 Mounting bolts: M6x25

5mm Allen wrench

Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14:
4 or 5 Chainring bolts: M88x0.75 (10Nm/88in-lbs.)

DB versions:
4 brake disc mounting bolts: M8x0.75 (10Nm/88in-lbs.)

Retrofit versions (not OEM or OEM2):
2 Torque arm mounting bolts: M8 (7Nm/61in-lbs.)
Rohloff chain tensioner/DH chain tensioner:
Mounting bolt (8Nm/70in-lbs.)
Pivot axle (8Nm/70in-lbs.)
(Attention: Turning clockwise unscrews)

7mm wrench

Rohloff chain guide CC:
M4 Nut, rear distance bush

8mm wrench

Shifting shaft

10mm wrench

TS versions:
Torque arm clamp nut
Cable guide 0°
Frame clamp nut

13mm wrench

Internal gear mech:
Cable guide

15mm wrench

TS versions:
2 TS axle nuts: M10 (35Nm/310in.lbs.)


CC versions:
2 clamps (5Nm/43in.lbs.)

Flat-blade Screwdriver

Removal of splined carrier Snap-ring

17mm wrench

Locking nut (holding the axle steady)

24mm wrench

for use with sprocket remover tool

Sprocket Remover Tool (Art. #8508 / #8509)

Sprocket removal

Lock-ring Tool (Art. #8518)

Lock-ring removal/securing

Chain Whip

Sprocket removal

Brass tube 165mm (Art. #8711)

Cutting hub cables (internal gear mech)

Brass tube 200mm (Art. #8712)

Cutting shifter cables (external gear mech)

Shifter cable measurement tool (Art. #8506)

Cutting shifter cables (internal gear mech)


* The use of Torx screws/bolts as opposed to the common Allen bolts, creates a safer and nondestructive interface ensuring bolt/screw heads don't round out after just several times usage. To avoid damaging the heads of the screws/bolts, the Torx wrench must be securely pressed into the head. We suggest the use of a T-grip wrench, to keep the pressure central over the bolt (the use of other tools could reduce contact area and may result in damage to the bolt heads).