Brake Rotor Replacement

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Here is how to replace the brake rotor should it be worn or need replacing for any other reason. The rear wheel, along with the SPEEDHUB axleplate will need to be removed prior to replacing the brake rotor. How to do this is shown below.

Brake Rotor Removal

Mark the axleplate, so that it can be replaced later in the same position. Remove the axleplate screws. Remove the axleplate to the side and secure the external transfer box to the hub with one of these screws L.  

Remove the four mounting bolts M (M8x0.75x8.5 - 5mm Allen wrench).

Pull the old brake rotor off the central hub-cap mount and remove this over the external transfer box.


The external transfer box must not be removed as the cogs within the box could fall out of synchronization. See chapter Changing the gear mech.

Brake Rotor Installation

Place the new brake rotor over the external transfer box and down onto the central hub-cap mount (pay attention to the rotational direction of the brake rotor).

Replace the four mounting bolts M (M8x0.75x8.5 - 5mm Allen wrench, tightening torque 10Nm/88in.lbs.) without applying any thread locking compound. Remove the axleplate screw L from the external transfer box. Remount the axleplate in the correct position and secure this in place with the five axleplate screws (M4x25 - Torx TX20, tightening torque: 3Nm/25in.lbs.).

The removal of the axleplate is not necessary on the OEM versions, where the axleplate is secured to the hub in the position shown in the above diagram. The brake rotor can simply be removed over the external transfer box and the axleplate together.