New Bajonet Connectors


The new male bayonet connector (after-2005/Serial Number 43100) differs from the former as discribed below:

  • 3mm drilling (cable mount)
  • Ring shaped groove (distinction characteristic)
  • Cable end sheath


Do not use the new cable sheaths together with the old bayonet connectors (2mm drilling) to clamp the cables. In this case, the cable sheaths will be squeezed flat and it will no longer be possible to remove them from the 2mm bayonet connectors.

The bayonet connectors should be mounted together with the cable sheaths onto the 0.9mm hub cable. This way, damage to the cable by pincing it with the grub screws can be easily prevented.

Insert the hub cable including the new cable sheath completely until the bedstop into the bayonet connector (3mm drilling). Fix the grub screws with a 2mm Allen wrench.

Use the 2mm Allen wrench to secure the cable inside the bayonet connector with 0.8Nm. Secure the concertina tubes with zip-ties. For further help, refer to “Repairs” 1.2.

New Bajonet version 2014