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Neue Hersteller mit Rohloff E-14

Rohloff E-14 Immer mehr Hersteller verwenden die Rohloff E-14 an ihren E-Bikes. Die neue elektronische Rohloff E-14 setzt Maßstäbe für das Schalten von E-Bikes. Noch nie war Schalten intelligenter und komfortabler. Und dies in...


Splined Carrier with Lock-Ring for Carbon Drive / SPEEDHUB splined sprockets (15t upwards)

The new Rohloff lock-ring Splined Carrier (Art.#8540L / Art.#8540SL) have been specially developed for the use with Carbon Drive splined sprockets and will be available as an addition to the ‘regular’ (Art.#8540) and ‘slim’...


All Rohloff oils „rapidly bio-degradable“

Alongside the high quality that all Rohloff products are known for, the Rohloff AG have constantly tried to act sustainably and decrease any negative enviromental impacts of our products. We are pleased to announce that following...


Rohloff E-14

The new E-14 from Rohloff synchronizes perfectly with the mid-motor, Bosch eBike system to operate the now legendary Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14. This revolutionary combination of robust transmission, electronic shifting, wide gear...


Flange Support Rings

Increasing flange stabilityThe spoke flange of a hub is subject to enormous loads. These loads can shorten the lifespan of a hub if the wheel is not correctly maintained or built to the correct specifications. Our Flange Support...


Spokes in Rohloff Quality

Only spokes with a neck length of 2.9mm and produced with a high quality, burr-free head are suitable for use with the SPEEDHUB 500/14 hub flange and thus able to ensure a long-lasting and strong wheel-build. The spokes supplied...