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Rohloff Speedhub twist shifter

The Rohloff Twist-shifter works with two shift cables. When the twist shifter is rotated forward (direction gear #14), than the rear shift cable 14 is pulled.

When the Twist-shifter is rotated backward (direction gear #1), than the front shift cable 1 is pulled. The indexing of the shifting lies not in the Twist-shifter as with common designs, but inside the hub. There is no wear on the indexing system nor need to adjust it.





The Rohloff Twist-shifter can be ordered using the following Article numbers:
Description: Article No.:
Twist-shifter 8206
Twist-shifter left 8207
Rubber grip for twist-shifter 8190
Twist-shifter cable guides 1 and 14 for twist-shifter 8191
TX20 screws for clamp for twist-shifter 8192
TX20 screws and clamp for twist-shifter 8193
Cable pulley for twist-shifter 8194
Spare parts for the old style Twist-shifter are also still available:
Description: Article No.:
Twist-shifter (120g) 8200
Grip rubber 8201
Cable guides left and right 8202
2 Torx bolts (for cable guides) 8203
Clamp screws 8204