Phil Centric

Bicycle Phil Centric
Manufacturer Phil Wood & Co
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The standard eccentric shell is for framebuilders. It is made out of 4130 chromoly tubing. It uses 17-4 stainless stand-offs that can be welded or brazed to the shell. These stand-offs accept cupped-point set screws used to fix the position of the eccentric body.




Our standard eccentric is meant for an eccentric bottom bracket shell with an inner diameter of 2.142.” It provides 1/2" of eccentricity. A 6mm hex wrench can be used to rotate the eccentric to the desired position. The half-link eccentric provides 1/4" of eccentricity and is meant to be used with an eccentric bottom bracket shell that has an inner diameter of 1.840.” Both the standard and half-link are to be used in a bottom bracket shell with a width of 68mm. They are British threaded and compatible with many brands of bottom bracket.