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Last update 09.08.2017

The following points must be addressed and adhered to when mounting the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 together with a Gates Carbon Drive system. Failure to adhere to these points will result in partial loss of guarantee and warranty cover of the SPEEDHUB 500/14.


Manufacturers conditions/instructions for use

Read the Owners Manual for both Gates Carbon Drive and the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 and ensure these products are correctly implemented on the bicycle as described within the manuals.

Gates Carbon Drive Owners Manual

Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 Owners Manual


Frame Approval

Safe operation of a SPEEDHUB using Gates Carbon Drive system is only possible if the frames rear-triangle retains a minimum stiffness level. Frame manufacturers must prove frame stiffness levels on a specialist testing jig in order to receive type approval for SPEEDHUB use. A list of approved frames can be found online under the link below.


Carbon Drive stiffness test approved bicycle frames

Please enquire with the frame manufacturer directly should your chosen bicycle frame not be listed. Universal Transmissions (Gates Carbon Drive EU distribution) are able to issue frame certifications on an individual basis should you still wish to use that particular frame.


Frame testing for Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14

Use of a Snubber

The Rohloff AG insist that a Snubber is additionally mounted to the bicycle. A Snubber prevents the belt from ratcheting over sprocket teeth when belt tension is lost. Subsequently this small component greatly reduces the accident risk level. Please enquire with the frame manufacturer directly should your chosen bicycle not be fitted with a Snubber.


Gates Carbon Drive Conversion

The frame into which a Carbon Drive transmission will be fitted, will require a special opening to pass the belt through as well as an integrated belt tensioning method. For this reason, frames need to be „Carbon Drive ready“!

In addition, a frame into which a Carbon Drive / SPEEDHUB combination is to be mounted, must undergo a special stiffness test from Gates to prove the rear section of the frame is stiff enough to handle the torque of the system. Certification can be completed at various locations worldwide. Contact your local Carbon Drive distributor for information on these locations.

Further information on the stiffness test can be found at the following link:
Frame stiffness test

A list of frame models which have already passed the stiffness test can found at the following link:

When converting to Carbon Drive use:

• Ensure the frame has been stiffness test approved for Rohloff / Carbon Drive use
• Is the SPEEDHUB already equipped with a Splined Carrier L (Carbon Drive specific, splined carrier with lock-ring. Art.#8540L)? If not source this Carbon drive specific sprocket Carrier plus the Snubber required from your local Carbon Drive and/or Rohloff distributor.

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- Carbon Drive / Rohloff Owners Manual

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- Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 Owners Manual

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