Speedhub Accessories

All accessories and replacement components that your SPEEDHUB could ever need.

As robust as the SPEEDHUB 500/14 is, some level of wear on transmission components is normal. Small parts to replace worn or damaged components (e.g. spokes/sprockets/cables) can be easily sourced, ensuring your SPEEDHUB is back in working order before you know it.

Twist Shifter

Rotate. Shift. Ride.

Extremely quick and precise shifting - the Rohloff twist shifter is the interface between man and machine - Rider and SPEEDHUB. What makes our shifting process so unique? The entire shift, indexing mechanism is located within the SPEEDHUB itself rather than the shifter. This provides enormous benefits for the cyclist as the shift is completely independent of cable stretch and thus 100% adjustment-free. Shifters are available for both the left and right side of the handlebar. Twist shifters are available as complete units or as individual components.

Animation video to explain the function

Here you can see how the Twist Shifter is constructed.



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Splined Sprocket

The best primary transmission ratio for your SPEEDHUB

Every SPEEDHUB supplied directly from the Rohloff factory are to date, equipped with a splined sprocket system. This system enables the easy, tool-free replacement of sprockets. Every SPEEDHUB version ever produced can be retrofitted to run this new splined sprocket system as opposed to the original threaded sprockets.

All Rohloff splined sprockets (13 - 19 & 21 tooth) are reversible.

Transmission Ratio

Thanks to the extended range of SPEEDHUB sprockets available, there is a wider range of primary transmission ratios available for use. Calculate the suitable transmission ratio as well as the smallest permissible ratios for each combination in the gear-meters tables.

Our recommendation: Every-day, normal and commuter cyclists are generally best served using a primary transmission factor of 2.5-2.8. Those who frequently ride off-road or cross mountainous passes, will be fine reducing this factor as low as 1.9. Heavy duty eBike Cargo applications with a system weight above 250kg, may not use a transmisison factor below 3.0

Factor = chainring tooth count divided by sprocket tooth count.


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Splined Sprocket Carrier

Holding on. The adapter for Rohloff splined sprockets.

The adapter required to convert your SPEEDHUB to splined sprocket use.

We offer the splined carrier in four versions – standard, slim (for specially narrow rear frame constructions), Lock-Ring (for Carbon Drive belt sprockets) & Slim Lock-Ring (for Carbon Drive belt sprockets mounted on frames with an especially narrow construction). Both regular and slim versions come complete with the snap-ring for securing Rohloff Splined Sprockets to them, both Lock-Ring versions come with a lock-ring to secure Carbon Drive sprockets to them (can also be used with chain sprockets of 15 tooth and above).

These adapters may alter the chainline from the original chain/beltline produced with the old threaded versions. Please check the table below for specifications:


SPEEDHUB O.L.D. / Frame Spacing Splined Carrier (Art.#8540) with chain Splined Carrier S (Art.#8540S) with chain Splined Carrier L (Art.#8540L) with Gates Splined Carrier SL (Art.#8540SL) with Gates
135 mm 57 mm 55 mm 55 mm 53 mm
142 mm 57 mm 55 mm 55 mm 53 mm
148 mm 54 mm 52 mm 52 mm 50 mm
170 mm 75 mm 73 mm 73 mm 71 mm
177 mm 75 mm 73 mm 73 mm 71 mm
190 mm 75 mm 73 mm 73 mm 71 mm
197 mm 75 mm 73 mm 73 mm 71 mm

Conversion from threaded, to splined carrier. Which model to choose

  8540 Splined 8540S Splined S 8540L Splined Lock-Ring 8540SL Slim Splined Lock-Ring
13-14 ✔️
15-19 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
21 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Chainline +3mm +1mm +3mm +1mm
CarbonDrive Beltline +/-0mm -2mm
Chain Tensioner adjust position if necessary
Chain Case check compatibility
Chain lines (- 10mm) ✔️ ✔️


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In Rohloff quality - perfectly matched to the SPEEDHUB

No calculation, no guesswork. Tell us the ERD value for your rim (usually quoted on the manufacturers website) and we will inform you of the correct spoke length required. Each length available in silver or black.


Special spokes with a neck length of 2.9mm will be required when lacing SPEEDHUB wheels. If you are able to inform us of the ERD value of your rim, then we will be able to calculate the correct spoke length required for the build. The Rohloff AG are able to supply (via our extensive, worldwide network of distributors and dealers), specially finished Sapim Race spokes (DB 2,0/1,8/2,0 mm) in the most popular even lengths. These are available in black or silver with matching color, 14mm Sapim lock nipples.

A table of common rim ERD Values can be used to determine the correct spoke length spokes for the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14.

Spoke Flange Support Rings (especially suited to heavily laden Touring bikes, Tandem and Cargo bikes) should always be fitted when re-lacing a wheel.

Wheel Size Number of Spoke Crosses
26"/ 27,5"/ 28"/ 29" 2x
18"/ 20"/ 24" 1x


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Flange Support Rings

Increase the stability of your hub-shell flange.

Huge demands are made upon the SPEEDHUB spoke flanges. SPEEDHUB use in heavy duty applications such as Tandems, touring bikes, E-bikes and cargo bikes, as well as leisurely use by cyclists weighing over 100kg, put each component thoroughly through its paces. We insist that every SPEEDHUB is fitted with Flange Support Rings before it is laced into a complete wheel. Doing so will ensure the rider enjoys thousands of trouble-free kilometers in the saddle.


Take a quick look at your SPEEDHUB shell. The text „made in Germany“ is lasered onto the shell near the oil drain screw. Is this text underlined? If it is, then you will require the Flange Support Ring set ‘Art.#8524’. If the text is not underlined, then you will require the Flange Support Ring set ‘Art.#8523’.

196922 si/silver - 32-Loch/hole
198454 si/silver - 36-Loch/hole
196521 sw/black - 36-Loch/hole
196713 sw/black - 32-Loch/hole
197520 rot/red - 32-Loch/hole
197980 rot/red - 36-Loch/hole

(Red) powder-coated hubshells are not compatible with flange support rings

SPEEDHUBs with a serial number after those listed above are produced with a higher flange on the hub-cap side which will therefore trequire two different size flange rings = Art. #8524.

An distinctive feature is the labeling "Made in Germany" that is laser etched into the hub shell:

  • 'Made in Germany'  - labeling underlined = Art. #8524 = 1 x small ring, 1 x large ring (for the hub-cap side which is grooved for identification purposes.
  • 'Made in Germany' - labeling not underlined = Art. #8523 = 2 x small rings.


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Chain Tensioner

Keep your chain under tension.

Efficient cycling requires a well tensioned chain. A Rohloff Chain Tensioner is necessary for all full-suspension bikes and hardtails where one can’t move the cranks or wheel. There are various different versions of our Chain Tensioner available, ensuring we have one here to suit any of the vastly different frame designs currently in use.


The Standard Chain Tensioner (Art.#8250) is compatible with 135, 142, 170 & 177mm frames equipped with a standard derailleur hanger.

Fatbikes frames with a 190mm/197mm spacing, alternative gear hubs (non-SPEEDHUB) and singlespeed bicycles will all require the Chain Tensioner -10 (Art.#8250-10).

Downhill cyclists and extreme offroad athletes using frames equipped with a standard derailleur hanger should choose the DH Chain Tensioner (Art.#8245).

Technical Details

The Rohloff Chain tensioner is easy to install, it simply mounts to the existing derailleur hanger of the frame. Spacers are used for lateral adjustability. For the quick wheel removal the Rohloff Chain tensioner swings back when pulling the wheel out of the dropouts. The Rohloff Chain tensioner has a tensioning capacity of 10 chain links which is sufficiant even for long travel rear suspensions.

On dropouts thinner than 7mm, the use of the 13 tooth sprocket and all splined sprockets (chainline 58mm) will require the use of the longer mounting bolt (+3,5mm). This is available separately.

Rohloff chain tensioners are only suitable for 1/2" x 3/32" and 1/2" x 11/128" chains.

Guidance selection of chain tensioners

Guidance selection of chain tensioners


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Chain Guide CC

Keep your chain clear on line.

The Rohloff Chain guide CC hinders the chain from jumping off the front chainring when riding in extreme offroad conditions. Mounting of this component is especially useful on bicycles equipped with a spring loaded rear tensioner. Ideal for use on downhill bikes where we would additionally recommend the use of a rear, SPEEDHUB mounted chain guide (Art.#8291). The chain guide is adjustable for various seatpost diameters (28mm - 36mm) and chainlines of 52mm - 62mm.


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Torque Support Adapters

Anchoring SPEEDHUB torque to the frame

Our torque support adapters Speedbone, Monkey Bone, PM Bone and Fatbone are required to anchor the SPEEDHUB torque safely to a frame which has not been constructed using Rohloff OEM dropouts.

View the different versions in our B2B shop, and learn more about how each verison is used in the documentation section of our download page.

What model to choose

  Splined +3mm Spined S +1mm
13-14 x -
15-19 x x
21 x x
Gates x -
Chain tensioner check -> use if necessary
Chain case check -> use if necessary
Chain lines (< 10mm) - x


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To transfer SPEEDHUB torque to the frame

The various axleplates serve the purpose of anchoring the torque reaction to the frame. The axle of an IGH will always attempt to rotate whilst under load. There is a choice of three different axleplate versions, ensuring the ability to anchor SPEEDHUB torque sufficiently to various frame designs.


These three axleplate variations are only suited for use with the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 Models "CC" and  "TS" respectively.

a) Standard axleplate with long torque arm.
b) OEM axleplate for frames with special Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 dropouts.
c) OEM2 axleplate for all frames with International Standard (IS2000) disc brake caliper mounts


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Oil change kit for the Speedhub

Gear lubricant for your Speedhub. To run it permanently perfect.

Once annually or once every 5000km. That is the schedule in which your SPEEDHUB gear hub requires an oil change. The purpose of this is to ensure that any oil lost over the previous 12 months is replaced, and that any moisture which has penetrated the hub is rinsed back out. We recommend the handy Oil Change Kit. I

Incidentally,  SPEEDHUB lubricants are also available in 250ml and 1l canisters for workshop use.

The Oil Change Kit in detail

The SPEEDHUB Oil Change Kit includes the following articles:

  • 25ml All Season Oil / 25ml Cleaning Oil in a 50ml bottle
  • Oil filling tube
  • Oil drain screw
  • 60ml syringe

If the SPEEDHUB never lost a drop of oil over the past 12 months, then the combined volume of oil inside the hub after the cleaning oil is added, will equate to approximately 50ml. The Cleaning Oil bottle can therefore accommodate this entire 50ml volume for easy disposal after extraction.
Tip! Secure the oil filling tube to the syringe with a drop of super glue to prevent the two coming apart during the oil filling process.

Biologically degradable

The ‘Oil of Rohloff’ is certified as a quickly bio-degradable lubricant under test protocol CEC-L-33-T-82. A special test procedure stands behind this certification whereby the lubricant is mixed with special bacteria in a controlBiologically degradable:

The ‘Oil of Rohloff’ is certified as a quickly bio-degradable lubricant under test protocol CEC-L-33-T-82. A special test procedure stands behind this certification whereby the lubricant is mixed with special bacteria in a controlled experiment. The volume of bacteria which has biodegraded after 21 days is then assessed carefully.

We are extremely proud of the status our “Oil of Rohloff” achieved, showing that approximately 90% of bacteria found, had disappeared following the 21 day test period.


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Brake Rotors

Talking Hold

Maximum braking force with the special, 4-bolt SPEEDHUB brake rotors. We are able to offer special 4-bolt brake rotors, compatible with the majority of modern braking systems in use today. These can be supplied in a number of different sizes.

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Cable Manager Kit

Securing order along your frame.

The Cable-Manger-Kit attaches cables neatly to frames without brazed on guides. Each guide block accepts one cable housing. The cable housings can be easily removed from their guide blocks and refitted should they ever need to be replaced.

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