Monkey Bone (IS-PM)

exploded drawing
final assembly

The Monkey Bone offers a simple method of anchoring the axle of the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 to a frame through the disc brake mount. In order to use the Monkey Bone, your SPEEDHUB 500/14 will need an OEM2 axle plate, your frame must have an International Standard disc brake interface (seatsaty), and your disc brake caliper must have a Postmount interface.

The Monkey Bone is not compatible with IS direct-mount disc brake calipers or frames with Postmount disc brake interface.



If the frame is build with direct Postmount disc brake interface - there ist a combination with the CC PM axleplate and PM Bone possible (Link PM Bone).



Manual PDF

Monkeybones can be ordered under the following part numbers:
Description: Part No.
MONKEYBONE 160mm 8553
MONKEYBONE 180mm 8554
For Fatbike (190/197mm) with IS disc brake interface
MONKEYBONE-10 160mm 8553-10
MONKEYBONE-10 180mm 8554-10