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Flange Support Rings

Laberling Made in Germany underlined = Art. 8524
Laberling Made in Germany underlined
Laberling Made in Germany not underlined = Art. 8523
Labeling not underlined

For Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 Hubs. Rings should be fitted to each spoke flange before lacing wheels destined for use extreme conditions. Especially suited to heavily laden Touring bikes, Tandem and Cargo bikes. Should always be fitted when re-lacing a wheel following a flange failure. These rings prevent total loss of all spoke tension even if the aluminum flange were to fail.

The SPEEDHUB shell, in particular the flange has been changed during the running roduction series and thus one must calculate whetehr two identical or different rings need to be mounted.


SPEEDHUBs with a serial number before those listed below will have identical flanges and thus require two identical size flange rings = Art. #8523.

<196922 si/silver - 32-Loch/hole
<198454 si/silver - 36-Loch/hole
<196521 sw/black - 36-Loch/hole
<196713 sw/black - 32-Loch/hole
<197520 rot/red - 32-Loch/hole
<197980 rot/red - 36-Loch/hole

(Red) powder-coated hubshells are not compatible with flange support rings


SPEEDHUBs with a serial number after those listed above are produced with a higher flange on the hub-cap side which will therefore trequire two different size flange rings = Art. #8524.


An distinctive feature is the labeling "Made in Germany" that is laser etched into the hub shell.


'Made in Germany'  - labeling underlined = Art. #8524 = 1 x small ring, 1 x large ring (for the hub-cap side which is grooved for identification purposes.


'Made in Germany' labeling not underlined = Art. #8523 = 2 x small rings.




Distinctive features - Onderscheidend kenmerk - Particularités

    Spare parts for the old style Twist-shifter are also still available:
    Description: Article No.:
    2x small rings 8523
    1x small, 1x large ring 8524