Rohloff E-14

The new electronic Rohloff E-14 shifting system raises the bar for shifting E-bikes transmissions. Never before has shifting been so easy, intelligent and comfortable. All this combined with legendary Rohloff quality.

The new E-14 from Rohloff synchronizes perfectly with the mid-motor, Bosch / Panasonic FIT eBike system to operate the now legendary Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14. Urban, leisure, touring and mountain-bikers alike can reap the benefit of the unique, fast and failure-free shifter system.

One push of a button is all it takes to automatically reduce motor derived force upon the transmission and shift the SPEEDHUB. If the button is kept held, then the E-14 shifting system will shift 3-gears at a time in sequence, through all 14 gears if so desired. In addition, once the sensors note the cyclist has become stationary, the E-14 system will automatically shift to a pre-programmed gear to start off again. The Rohloff E-14 is the most efficient and durable shifting system available for mid-motor E-bikes.

Legendary Basis

The E-14 is designed to complement the SPEEDHUB 500/14. It is this partnership which forms the basis and ensures the durability of an E-14 shifting system. 

The SPEEDHUB has, over the past 20 years, proving its reputation as the most durable and reliable bicycle transmission available. SPEEDHUBs have been used in cooperation with E-bikes for almost the same duration, solidifying their position as the only bicycle transmission capable of withstanding such high forces over prolonged periods of time.

With 14 real gears, a total overall gear range of 526% and the highest efficiency of any bicycle gear hub, the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 forms the durable basis of every premium, high powered E-Bike and S-Pedalec (45kmh). Now, thanks E-14. the ability has arrived to shift this legendary transmission electronically.

The E-14 shifting system comprises of 2 main components: - the handlebar mounted electronic switch unit and the SPEEEDHUB mounted shifter unit. To ensure these components are relevant and compatible with future developments, the E-14 shifting system can be remotely paired to Smartphones, keeping it compliant with future software updates, custom features and app connectivity. Feature to become active simultaneously with App release (planned for 2019).

Effective with Bosch and Panasonic FIT

Bosch Intuvia, Nyon and Kiox plus or Panasonic FIT displays can all integrate the E-14 gear indicator and a lot more besides...

The eBike-System synchronizes automatically with the Rohloff E-14. The benefits of this become immediately apparent once you set off. A light press of a button will reduce motor torque to permit a silky-smooth shift between gears. The secret is an ultra-fast, 180ms shift speed combined with an instantaneous drop in output torque from the motor. No bicycle shifting system can compete with this speed to date.

Further shifting comfort is achieved thanks to integrated multi-shift and auto-downshift functions. Press and hold a shift button to shift sequentially in 3-gear steps, regardless of direction, right through the 14-speed range. And when you come to a halt, the E-14 shifting system will automatically return the SPEEDHUB to a pre-programmed gear number, ready to set off again.

Gear Indicator

Integrated into cockpit displays. Gear number indicated either permanently or briefly depending upon cockpit version.

Single / Multi Shift

Shift gears singularly or push and hold button to shift 3 gears simultaneously, following the initial single gear shift.

High Performance

Also compatible with high torque / peak performance mid-motor units (Bosch Performance Line CX & Speed or Panasonic FIT) –suitable for S-Pedelec use (45 km/h).


Fastest electronic shift available to date at 180 ms. Reduced force, synchronized shift process via CANBus connectivity.

Auto Downshift

Automatically return to pre-programmed start gear once stationary.

Update compliant

For remote pairing with a Rohloff App for set-up, updates and software extension installation. E-14: a future-proof design investment.

Is the Rohloff E-14 also available for alternative E-motors?

The E-14 gear mech is currently, at the time of press (March  2020), only available for new bicycles using the Bosch or Panasonic FIT eBike-System. The Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line, Performance Line CX and Bosch Gen 4 are all compatible. Both the Intuvia, Nyon and Kiox displays will be supported.

Can I convert my existing Bosch or Panasonic FIT powered E-bike to run the Rohloff E-14 shifting system?

No. A retrofit E-14 kit is currently, at the time of press (September 2017), unavailable.

What is the cost of the Rohloff E-14 shifting system?

An individual price is not available as the E-14 shifting system is currently, at the time of press (September 2017), only available to OEM bicycle manufacturers for sale in complete, new bicycles.

Which manufacturers are offering complete bikes with this new E-14 shifting system?

More and more manufacturers are joining the list daily. The current, at the time of press (Feb 2021), manufacturers who have committed to add E-14 equipped bicycles to their E-bike range include: 

Can the Rohloff E-14 electronic shifting system be used on a bicycle without electric mid-motor support?

No, the Rohloff E-14 shifting system is currently only compatible with bicycles using the Bosch & Panasonic FIT eBike system. At this point in time, unfortunately not feasible as the current E-14 units require the power source and cock-pit of a Bosch or Panasonic FIT eBike system running the compatible software.

We are aware oft he demand for a non-Ebike dependent Rohloff E-14 version however the implementation of this will require further development and thus time.

We will inform you through our website and social media pages as soon as there is more information on these projects.

Will the Rohloff E-14 electronic shifting system be compatible with older Rohloff SPEEDHUB units?

Yes, the Rohloff E-14 is constructed to be backward compatible with all existing and older Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 units. This option is however, at this point in time, unfortunately not feasible as the current E-14 units require the power source and cock-pit of a Bosch & Panasonic FIT eBike system running the compatible software.