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SPEEDHUB XL A12 (177mm)

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Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 XL Fatbike
Rohloff SPEEDHUB XL Fatbike A12-177mm (8097zXL)
Rohloff SPEEDHUB XL Fatbike A12-177mm (8097zXL)
Fatbike Rohloff Speedhub MTB
Fatbike Rohloff Speedhub MTB Beltdrive

Rohloff offers a version of our now legendary SPEEDHUB 500/14 gear hub especially suited to the extreme conditions in which Fatbikes are used. The Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 XL is constructed for frames using a 177mm spacing and dropouts which accept 12mm thru axle system.


A12 SPEEDHUB models can only be supplied upon receipt of 3 documents completed during a special dropout measurement procedure. Our distributors or service partners will be able to supply the special A12 measurement kit for this purpose upon request.


Only upon receipt of the completed documents will be able to confidently state that we can supply a SPEEDHUB compatible with the frame. The test results will then also enable us to ship the A12 SPEEDHUB unit with the correct adapters and reduction sleeves.


Fatbikes are primarily designed to enable one to keep pedalling through even the harshest conditions - conditions in which a cyclist on a traditional bicycle would be forced to dismount and push. The fat tires offer a much larger footprint thus keeping the bicycle afloat on soft terrain. The additional traction this provides ensures a Fatbike rider will enjoy many miles of riding long after the standard bicycle has reached its limits. Fatbikes are especially suitable for transversing snow, bogs/marshland and sand.


The SPEEDHUB 500/14 XL A12 is the ideal transmission for Fatbikes. The conditions in which such bicycles are ridden require a transmission that can be kept as clean as possible. Only a clean, un-clogged transmission can ensure problem-free functionality and nothing increases the enjoyment you can have out on the trails more than having access to the right gear at all times! Of course the SPEEDHUB 500/14 XL A12 also has the additional advantage of being compatible with the ‘Gates Carbon Drive’ belt drive system, reducing the level of transmission maintenance even further.


Further advantages:

  • 14 real gears
  • Even gear increments of 13.6%
  • 526% overall transmission ratio
  • Straight chain-/belt-line
  • Incredibly strong rear wheel due to even spoke tension
  • Encapsulated construction
  • 100% adjustment free
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Compatible with the 'Gates Carbon Drive' belt drive system.

Technical Data SPEEDHUB 500/14 XL A12:

  • Suitable for a 177mm frame spacing (12mm thru axles frames)
  • A12 securing bolts M7 and corresponding reduction sleeves
  • Chainline = 71.5mm (splined sprockets), beltline = 72.25mm
  • Flange spacing (center-center) = 93mm
  • 32 spokes
  • Disc Brake compatible (DB)
  • Anodized black finish
  • XL versions are not authorized for tandem use

These dimensions enable the use of up to 5" tires (mounted on rims up to 100mm wide) in frames with a 177mm spacing - without the risk of chain/tire interference! We recommend the use of rims with a minimum 12.5mm nipple offset in order to avoid the spoke 'kinking' when entering the nipple. Such kinks will weaken the spoke and can cause premature spoke failure.

We regret that it is not possible to convert existing SPEEDHUB 500/14s (135, 142, 170, 190mm) to the XL (177mm) format!

Additional information on the Gates Carbon Drive belt drive system can be found here.


A list of SPEEDHUB 500/14 XL equipped Fatbike manufacturers can be found in the Manufacturers-list or in the Bike finder.









Parts for XL A12 (177mm) versions:
Description: Article No.
SPEEDHUB XL A12-177mm (A12 DB OEM2) 8097zXL
SPEEDHUB XL A12-177mm (A12 DB PM) 8097PMXL
Axleplate A12 OEM2 for 142 & 177 O.L.D. 8234 (pre-mounted on Art. No. 8097ZXL)
Axleplate A12 PM for 142 & 177 O.L.D. 8558 (pre-mounted on Art. No. 8097PMXL)
IS-PM Adapter for OEM2 - Monkeybone 160 8553
IS-PM Adapter for OEM2 - Monkeybone 180 8554
PM-PM Adapter for PM Axleplate - PM Bone 8555
Chain tensioner 8250