SPEEDHUB A12-148mm (Boost) available January 2017

Rohloff SPEEDHUB A12-142mm vs 148mm BOOST

The new A12 SPEEDHUB axle system introduced by Rohloff at the 2016 Eurobike show enables customers to install a custom adapted SPEEDHUB 500/14 in frames designed for 12mm thru-axle hubs. The 'standard' A12 SPEEDHUB models are designed with a 148mm O.L.D. for 12mm "Boost" frames.


Use of a special 6mm wider driver lock-nut and longer A12 mounting bolt enable 142mm A12 units to fit in the 148mm Boost frame spacing. The rim will need to be laced 3mm offset to the drive side however to remain central within the frame.




Installation of a SPEEDHUB A12 version can however only be guaranteed upon completion of a special dropout measurement process by a local bicycle retailer using our A12 measurement kit (available on loan from our distributors). This additional step is unfortunately critical to ensure we supply the correct custom machined reduction sleeves and spacers (adapters) required for the safe integration of the SPEEDHUB 500/14 into a thru-axle frame.






Technical Details SPEEDHUB 500/14 A12-148mm:

  • Compatible with 142mm frame spacings (DT/Maxle, Shimano E-Thru & Syntace X12 axle systems)
  • A12 mounting bolts (M7) used in conjunction with custom machined (for each individual dropout) adapter/reduction sleeves.
  • A12-OEM2 and A12-PM axleplate options
  • 54mm chainline (52mm beltline)
  • 93mm (center-center) hub shell flange spacing
  • ATTENTION: Rim must be laced 3mm offset to the drive side!
  • 32 and 36 spoke hole versions
  • Disc version (DB)
  • Silver, red or black anodized finish
  • 'Chain tensioner -10' required (Art.#8250-10)
  • Not authorized for tandem use!


Conversion of existing 135mm CC or TS SPEEDHUB models to the new A12 axle system is not an available option!


Conversion of a 142mm A12 SPEEDHUB to the new 148mm A12 standard is possible through your local bicycle retailer (A12-dropout measurement test, mounting of 148mm driver lock-nut, supply of A12 reduction sleeves and 148mm A12 mounting bolts).