POSTCARD (Strip your hub)

Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 Postkarte

The postcard shows our popular Striptease in the special lenticular technique (alias changing- or rocking picture). By turning the card backwards the Speedhub will build itself up step by step from axle to hub shell.

With this technique the inner parts of the hub can be spectacularly visualised. The effect is realised by a special transparent lens screen folie with hundreds of exactly arranged lenses on the surface. Depending on the point of view the viewer sees another theme by which the impression of moving evolves. Depending on the theme about 15 different images can be displayed, which the following video will demonstrate.

As the reverse side is actually a postcard, it can be used as such. These postcards will be delivered to dealers with either a rest to display them on the counter or with a handle bar holder. This allows a a customer to quickly recognise a bike equipped with a Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 amongst the wide range of bicycles within the shop.

The Rohloff postcard can be optained at any bicycle dealer who sells Rohloff products:
Description: Part No.:
Postcard 6010

Further information over the lenticular technology can be found under the following links:

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