Rohloff Lubmatic

The Rohloff Lubmatic was developed to keep the chain properly lubricated in even the most remote and severe conditions. The Lubmatic will lube the chain whilst the bike is in motion and delivers precisely the right amount of lubricant to the chain each time it is activated. The Lubmatic has the following features:


Easy to use - While riding or pedaling backwards, simply pull the lid of the pump once and the system applies lubricant to the chain automatically over the following thirty seconds.


Always applies the exact amount required - one pull of the Lubmatic pump provides the exact amount of lubricant needed to correctly lubricate your chain.


Lubrication on demand - The tank contains enough lubricant for at least 10 chain lube applications. During rides in wet and dirty conditions the chain can be lubricated automatically.


Lubricate only where you need it - Lubricant is pumped directly onto the chain rollers via a special jockey wheel fitted into the rar derailleur. This enables the rest of the chain to stay dry preventing dirt build-up on the exterior chain components.


Environmentally friendly - The exact quantitiy applied combined with the direct application greatly reduces the consumption of lubricant. For optimal results we recommend the bio-degradable Rohloff Lubmatic chain lubricant. The system does also work however with other commercially available lubricants.


Oil tight - The lubricant will stay in the tank even when your bike is stood upside down.

The reservoir can hold enough lubricant for up to ten applications. The Lubmatic consists of a lubricant reservoir and pump, special aluminum derailleur jockey wheel, and a connecting hose.

The Lubmatic is unfortunately no longer available. The following article numbers however can still be used to order spare parts:
Description: Part No.
Lubmatic complete no longer available
Aluminum pulleys, silver 4110
Nozzle 4140
Oil tube (10 pcs. 0.7m (27.5in) each) 4150
Fastening kit 4160
Silver tank (reservoir), with oil tube no longer available

For best results always use 'Oil of Rohloff' Chain Lubricant with the Rohloff Lubmatic.