Ralf Kropp (Rohloff Speehub 500/14-Sponsoring)

Rider: Ralf Kropp

Discipline: MTB-Marathon, CC


In the runners scene he has a name by now. There he has won the European Vice Championship his biggest success. Due to a injury at the Achilles tendon he changed in 2006 to mountain bike races, where he can celebrate his first successes meanwhile. Furthermore, Ralf Kropp is an adventurer, which is proved by his many bicycle tours and mounain climbings everywhere in the world. So he rode on his bike from 1995 to 1997 in 666 days around the world, and he climbed the Aconcagua (6958 m).




  • 1st place Complete Cross Duathlon Wolfsburg 2008
  • 2nd place AK at ICE Rider in Schömberg
  • 2nd place AK at Harzer MTB Marathon (Altenau)
  • 8th place at German Cross Country Masters


More information under: www.ralfkropp.de



Michael Opper (Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 Sponsoring)

Rider: Michael Opper

Discipline: MTB-Marathon

As a former downhill rider Michael Opper counts to the fastest downhill riders of Germany. In the DH area he started at many German and Austrian championships. At the Megavalanche he was the second best German rider. Meanwhile he predominantly takes part at mountain bike marathons and stage races. 2008 and 2009 he started at the TransAlp and the Trans Germany, which he passed with good results. Even though Michael Opper starts in the masters category one can count on top placements with him.


  • 4 TransAlp participations
  • 2 Trans Germany participations
  • Niedenstein Bergzeitfahren 2007 1st place
  • Niedenstein Bergzeitfahren 2008 1st place
  • 2007 Zierenberg Bike Marathon 3rd place

 More information under www.mtbteam-opper.de


Matthias Mende (Rohloff Speedhub 500/14-Sponsoring)

Rider: Matthias Mende

Team: Rotor-Rohloff-Madmission-Team
Discipline: MTB-Marathon, CC


There is not much to say about Matthias Mende that hasn't already been said, but anybody who is a little interested in the CC-scene should know he is one of the most successful and talented MTB riders in his field. After his participation in the Stevens-Jeantex Team and the Ralph Denk Team, we are glad to welcome Matthias in the Rotor-Rohloff Team. After all, Matthias Mende is the initiator of the Mad East Challenge.



  • 2005  Riva del Garda Bike-Marathon 1st place
  • 2006  MTB-Festival Willingen 1st place
  • 2006  Erzgebirgs-Bike-Marathon 2nd place
  • 2006  Salzkammergut Trophy 2nd place
  • 2007  Neuseen-Cup Leipzig 1st place
  • 2008  Craft Bike Trans Germany 1st place Mixed



More information: www.madmission.de




Gisela Gartmair, Rotor-Rohloff

Rider: Gisela Gartmair

Disciplin: Extreme Stage Race

Gisela Gartmair is the first woman ever to take part the hardest mountain bike stage race: "The Tour d'Afrique". In 2010 she was able to claim a formidable second place in the overall standings against a strong male competition. Gisela was on the road for more than four months, and en-route, was the only one, who slept each night in a tent. A total riding time of 400 hours indicates roughly the severity of this event.

With 12,000km from Cairo to Cape Town the Tour d´Afrique is currently the longest stage race in the world. In 2011 Gisela and Andre Hauschke will start at the Absa Cape Epic in South Africa


More information under: www.gisela-gartmair.com


Michael Bonnekessel (Rohloff Speedhub 500/14-Sponsoring)

Rider: Michael Bonnekessel

Disciplin: Mountain Bike Marathon, CC
Team: Poison-German:A.


Michael Bonnekessel has been riding at national and international mountain bike races for a long time now, consistently finishing in the top rankings. 2007 and 2009 brought his most celebrated victories however when he won the German Cross Country Championship in the Master-2 class. Even at the largest marathon events „Bonne“ could show his class with places on the winner's podium. From 2010 onward he will be starting at miscellaneous events equipped with a Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14. We are convinced that he will continue to shine with many more top placements.


  • 2009 German Champion of XC Masters 2
  • 2009 German Championship fourth place
  • 2008 Poisonbike-Cup overall winner
  • 2007 German Champion at XC Masters 2
  • 2007 NRW-CUP overall winner
  • 2007 MTB Masters winner of State Championship NRW 
  • 2007 Tune-FRM-Cup overall winner
  • 2006 First place at South-West German Masters 
  • 2006 NRW-Marathon vice champion
  • 2006 Chaka-Cup overall winner
  • 2005 Fifth place Masters DM Albstadt

More infomation: www.frmbike.de


Tanja Ruppert (Rohloff Speedhub 500/14-Sponsoring)

Rider: Tanja Nehme (Ruppert)

Discipline: MTB-Marathon, CC




Tanjas carrier began in the DH sector. From that time her outstanding technique she performs is surely coming from. For certain, there are not many female riders in Germany who can ride downhill so fast. Her successes are so various, just to mention them all, there would not be place enough on this page. Therefore, here is just a small excerpt:

  • Hesse Masters: 2nd place
  • German National Division: 1st place, series: 8th place
  • Storck Bike Challenge: 1st place


Meanwhile, Tanja, a mother of two children, has specialised on Marathon. Just at the start of the very new race Transalp in 2003 she was able to perform a perfect race cutting out her female competitors together with her partner Daniela Bargholt. Congratulations.


More information: tanjaruppert.beepworld.de




Daniela Bargholt

Rider: Daniela Bargholt
Discipline: MTB-Marathon, CC

In 2003 Daniela Bargholt started already for the Rohloff Team at the Trans Alp Challenge. Together with Tanja Ruppert both reached that time as 5th best women team the finishing line at Lake Garda. Meanwhile she is causing a sensation at any Hesse race and you can see her always in the first ranks.


  • Nordenau Marathon 2008 1st place 
  • NRW- Cup Herten 2008 3rd place
  • LVM- Marathon in Schmallenberg 2008 1st place 
  • Marathon in Solingen 2009 1st place
  • NRW-Cup 3rd place

More information under: www.laktatexpress.de


Oliver Lorincz (Rohloff Speehub 500/14-Sponsoring)

Rider: Oliver Lorincz

Discipline: MTB-Marathon, XC



  • 2 times Hungarian national solo 24 hours champion 2002 and 2003'
  • Winner in Saalbach, Au., 24 hours solo 2004
  • Winner in Griffen Au., 12 hours 2003 and 2005, second in 2004
  • Team manager of the hungarian national XC team 2003-2004











SANTOS-Rohloff Team

Following a new deal with the Dutch bicycle manufacturer SANTOS, Rohloff will be proudly sending 'Team Santos-Rohloff' to the largestm German mountainbike events to compete in the Cross-Country and Marathon races this season. Our team riders will each receive a new 29er bike from Santos giving our athletes the benefit of large wheels over the marathon courses they will tackle.

We wish our team the very best of luck for the upcoming season.


Team riders: Michael Opper, Ralf Kropp, Marco Morgenstern, Ulf Wahlers, Nico Muschiol

Rohloff Cup (Rohloff Sponsoring)

The Rohloff Cup

Event: Road cycling event

The driver training practice area in Hertingshausen/near Kassel Germany remains the meeting point of road cyclists from North Hessen. Each Wednesday between April and September, road cyclists fight it out on this 1km oval track to gain championship points in the various sprint classes. All licensed classes compete from Junior to Senior.

The new promoter, Kassel's Bicycle-Community (Kasseler Zweirad-Gemeinschaft ZG), will try it out that way to make this traditional event even more attractive. With his new invitation he will make it possible for riders from all over Germany to go on the start, here. Strong ex-Kassel athletes like Kuntschik (Hannover/Germany), Hauschke and Koob (Göttingen/Germany) are invited to participate at this race as well. Even the German Master 2006, Dirk Müller from Hersfeld/Germany, has ridden his laps here, where he has incidentally promoted new blood from Hersfeld at the same time,“ reports Gerd Dreyer of the ZG. Many top riders of Kassel have made their first experiences at the Wednesdays-Criterion.

"Kassel's bike racing sport we take as a personal matter“, says Barbara Rohloff of the Rohloff AG, "We want to support this kind of sport, especially the newcomers. We believe the traffic practice area to be the most suitable place “. Six racing classes will fight for place and victory in 22 runs. In the total ranking products of the Rohloff AG as prizes will be to gain at the Rohloff-Cup.


Further information can be found under: Enrolment and website


Marco Schreiber & Dominik Scherer (Rohloff Sponsoring)

Rider: RASTI (Marco Schreiber), Dominik Scherer

Disziplin: MTB Tandem (Rastamobil)




On the way through Africa riding the Cape-Epic race.

After that they will compete at the Lake Garda Bikefestival Marathon, the Dolomiti-Superbike and the Swiss-Bike-Race. In doing so Rusti is trusting the reliable hub technique. Arrival is, therefore, guaranteed.





Andreas Schuster (Rohloff Sponsoring)

Rider: Andreas Schuster
: Trial



  • 2005: 2. Place German Trial series
  • 2003: 7. Place German Trial
  • 2009: 2. Place Australian MTB Championships




Experiences: 6 years Trial, 4 years MTB Trial, 2 years MTB Shows


Look up under: www.andi-schuster.de










Marco Hösel (Rohloff Sponsoring)

Rider: Marco Hösel

Discipline: Trial




Several times German Champion in 20“ and MTB disciplines. Additionally several times Worldchampion.


  • 6 times Worldchampion
  • 19 times German champion
  • 2 times world cup winner
  • registered in the Guinnes book of records and world-records 2003



Look up under: www.marcohoesel.de











Thomas Öhler (Rohloff Sponsoring)

Rider: Thomas Öhler

Discipline: 26" Trial


  • 1997: 4th place Euregiocup
  • 1998: 2nd place Euregiocup
  • 1999: 1st place Euregiocup
  • 2000: 1st place Austrian Championship/ 3rd place Mammoth Mountain/ 3rd place UCI Worldchampionship in Sierra Nevada/Spain
  • 2001: 2nd place UCI Worldchampionship in Vail/ Colorado/ USA
  • 2002: 8th place UCI Worldchampionship in Kaprun (Aut) / 1st place Austrian Championship
  • 2003: 1st place Austrian Championship
  • 2004: 14th place UCI Worldchampionship in Les Gets/France
  • 2005: 1st place European Cup /9th place Worldchampionship in Livigno/ Italy
  • 2006: 1st place BikeTrial Indoor Europameisterschaft / 2nd place World Cup in Graz



Look up under: http://thomas.oehler.at






Raimund Raschkowski & Stefan Schlie (Rohloff Sponsoring)

Rider: Stefan Schlie

Discipline: Trial Show

Team: Trial-Action-Shows




Apart from regional titles the athletes had great many successes national and international. Stefan Schlie was German Champion for 3 times, inherits the Vice-Worldchampionship twice and won the Vice-Championship of Germany several times.


Together with Raimund Raschkowski they won the Team Worldchampionship and the Vice-Worldchampionship.


Look up under: www.trial-shows.de








Tyler "SuperT" Klassen (Rohloff Sponsoring)

Rider: Tyler "Super T" Klassen

Discipline: MTB Freeride



  • Race Face 2001 Ultimate Freeride Contest Winner
  • Red Bull Rampage 2002 Freeride Champion
  • 11th Red Bull Ride 2003
  • Feature Segments In: NSX 5, Jib, Union, NSX 6, Kranked V, NSX 7
  • Starred on Drop In TV 2003


Tyler counts to the world's greatest champions in Freeriding. Often his name is meantioned together with the Freeride-Legend Wade Simmons. Tyler firstly came in contact with the SPEEDHUB 500/14 at a tour with the 'Vertriders' in Austria, 2003. His first comment after a short testing ride is said to be: "Super, you can even change gears in the air." These was not the only reason which has led Tyler to become a ROHLOFF SPEEDHUB 500/14 rider in the beginning of 2004 ... and rides with the Rohloff hub in 2007 still.



Mario Lenzen (Rohloff Sponsoring)

Rider: Mario Lenzen

Discipline: MTB Freeride




Since 2004 Mario's been racing for Rocky Mountain, Race Face and Adidas Eyewear, now riding RMX Wade Simmons, Switch and Flow F 3.0. In 2004 he's functioned as a judge at the Adidas Slopestyle in aalbach-Hinterglemm/Germany. Additional he rode the Ride to the Lake in Meersburg/Germany, but due to some injuries he couldn't score any good place at the rankings. In 2005, too, events like the Slopestyle in Saalbach-Hinterglemm/Germany or the Build & Ride Contest a month previous at the same place will be travelled to.


Dan Cowan ("Dangerous Dan") Rohloff Sponsoring

Rider: Dan "Dangerous Dan" Cowan

Discipline: MTB Freeride

Team: Flowrider




Dan is mainly seen in Movies or live broadcasted in one of those many Flowshows. The whole team is starting with the ROHLOFF SPEEDHUB 500/14. They have in mind also to place the show whithin the Sea Otter Classic this year. More details on schedules and places can be looked up on the Flowrider Page under www.flowrides.com/flowshow.html


Actor on videos:

  • Kranked II, Kranked IV, Kranked V
  • Ride the lightening
  • NSX 6 and NSX 7
  • Dan is touring with his Flowshow around the world.

Look up under: www.flowriders.com



Nico Seidel (Rohloff Speedhub Sponsoring)

Rider: Nico Seidel

Discipline: 4X


  • 3. Place German-Championship 2010
  • 54. Place Weltcup Houffalize (Belgien) 2009
  • 27. Place Weltcup Vallnord (Andorra) 2009
  • 3. Place Bike Festival Riva del Garda 2007
  • 3. Place Qualifikation Deutsche 4 cross Meisterschaft 2007
  • Middle-German-Master 4 Cross Cup 2006
  • Nominate for the German Nationalteam 2006
  • 17. Place European-Champion-Chip 2006
  • 5. Place German-Champion-Chip 2005
  • 32. PlaceUCI MTB Worldcup Schladming 2005
  • Vize-German-Master 2004 Juniors

More from Nico Seidel:Öffnet externen Link in neuem Fenster www.nicoseidel.de

Christiane Rumpf (Rohloff Sponsoring)

Rider: Christiane Rumpf

Discipline: Downhill


Being the current female German Downhill Champion and that of Hessen, too, she meanwhile rides her 4th season in competitions with her Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14. To all who won't believe this: It's her 4th year with the same single hub!

In 2002 there were also German and Austrian competitions to win, as many on her timer as in the years before. The aim of this young teacher will still be riding about the „stockerl“ (wildernis) even if her job meanwhile takes more and more time off her.


Carsten Geck (Rohloff Sponsoring)

Rider: Carsten Geck

Discipline: Downhill



Carsten rides his 7th year in national and international competitions. There are only few DH tracks his hub hasn't seen, yet. Meanwhile starting in the Masters' class he won a splendid 2nd place at the Uniqua Extreme Cup (5 runs) in Austria, 2001, and a 6th place in the German DH champion's league. Additionally he's the current DH Champion of Hessen. Top 5 DH national leage 2003. Place 21 Megavalanche 2004 Alpe d'Huez cat. Masters (place 65 overall ranking ~ 1000 riders), DH Champion 'Hessen'.

2006: Place 4 World Championships Masters Downhill, Place 6 Freeride Race Swiss Bike Masters Men Elite (!), any Top 5 results IXS Downhill Cup, 3rd place DH Championships Hessen, IXS overall ranking Swiss-Germany place 3.


Results 2008:

  • IXS European DH Cup Ilmenau: Platz 2
  • IXS German DH Cup Bad Wildbad: Platz 3
  • IXS German DH Cup: Thale Platz 3
  • Overall Ranking IXS DH Cup Germany Platz 4


Results 2009 (Senior):

  • IXS German DH Cup #1 Winterberg: Platz 8
  • IXS German DH Cup #2 Rittershausen: Platz 1
  • IXS German DH Cup #3 Bad Wildbad: Platz 3
  • Downhill Race Inselsberg/Tabarz: Platz 1
  • Solling Downhill Platz: 1
  • IXS German DH Cup #4 Thale: Platz 2
  • Overall Ranking IXS DH Cup Germany Platz 2



[Translate to en:] Straße

Exyle Expedition

Riders: Frank Hülsemann, Markus de Marées and André Hauschke

Team: Exyle Expedition Team

Disciplin: Extreme Altitude Record Attempt

Attempt To Set A New Altitude Record - From Zero To 6,000m

In spring 2010 the Ojos del Salado, at 6.893m, the highest volcano on Earth and the second highest mountain of America, was the target of setting a new altitude record on a mountain bike. Frank Hülsemann, Markus de Marées and André Hauschke started at sea level on the Pacific ocean before climbing up to the summit of the Ojos del Salado. The track is over 350km long and leads up to an altitude of over 6,000m. On their way from the Pacific coast up to the mountain top area of the Ojos del Salado the riders had to cross one of the most life threatening regions of the Earth: The Atacama desert.

The team of three was supported by the Rohloff AG as well as the bicycle manufacturer Poison. All their bikes were equipped with a Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 to fulfill the demands of such an altitude record attempt. A supporting team of six persons helped the extreme athletes during their record attempt with medical and technical service. The collected data and experiences will be analysed afterwards at the Sport University Cologne.

More information under: www.exyle.de
News: The Attempt To Set A Height Record


Oli und Willi Krapf (Rohloff Sponsoring)

Team: Doppelkrapf MTB Sidecar Racing

Discipline: Sidecar Racing

Team Doppelkrapf - "First Mountainbike Sidecar Racing Team"

Since the summer of 2002, Oli and Willi Krapf have been racing with their self constructed MTB Sidecar, complete with a ROHLOFF S-L-T 99 Chain and a SPEEDHUB 500/14.

With this vehicle they put up with any trail or downhill track under their wheels, if the path is broad enough. In the MTB scene they are heading in a totally new direction of biking.

Highlights of their actions/ Riding practise

  • May 2001 participation at the legendary Bike-Marathon in Riva del Garda, Italy, Ronda Piccola, 60 km, over 1000m altitude difference
  • October 2002, 6th place at the Video Contest during the Sickline-Festival in Bikepark Bischofsmais
  • July 2003 first place at the 1st German Sidecar Cup in Bikepark Bischofsmais

Thomas Muhler (Rohloff Speedhub Sponsoring)

Rider: Thomas Muhler

Discipline: Expedition


43 years old Thomas Muhler is not an unknown person in the extreme-sport scene:

For several decades the industrialist from Frankfurt/Main/Germany who builds Multiplex-cinemas in Moscow has undertaken multiple bicycle expeditions all over the globe. In 2005 he successfully mastered, as the first European, the 300 miles of the Yukon Arctic Ultra, the hardest and coldest ultra-marathon (Canada) of all time.


Die HimoBiker, Rotor-Rohloff

[Translate to en:] Team: Himo Biker

Disziplin: Extrem-Touren

Geschichte er"fahren" heißt seit 18 Jahren die Devise der Himo Biker. In mühevoller Kleinarbeit erstellen Sie mit wissenschaftlicher Unterstützung Wegbeschreibungen in Wort und Bild. Angefangen hat alles mit dem Erkunden schon existierenden Wanderwegen, die die „Hinterländer Mountainbiker“ der Öffentlichkeit vorstellen wollten.


So führten ihre Touren schon über historische Wege, wie z.B über den „Barbarossaweg“ und über die „Barbanter Straße“. Die „Barbanter Straße“ ist ein in Vegessenheit geratener Höhenweg, eine ehemalige Ost-West-Verbindung von Köln nach Leipzig. Mit diesen GPS Daten und erlangten Informationen schafften die Himo Biker einen Eintrag in das Guinessbuch der Rekorde.


Unermüdliche Einsätze und lange Touren absolvierten die Himo Biker in den letzten Jahren, so waren Sie auch schon in Brasilien, Namibia und in vielen weiteren Ländern.

Weitere Infos unter: www.himobiker.de


Martin Braxenthaler (Rohloff Speedhub Sponsoring)

Rider: Martin Braxenthaler

Discipline: Handbike


The trained mechanic started in 1995 with a mono-ski training cours. Only two years later he becamer member of the Bavarian Country Squad  and since 1998 he is member of the A-Squad of the national team.


He was several times German Master, achieved 3rd place in the Worldcup total in 1998/89 and at the Paralympics in Nagano 1998 he also gained a 3rd place Super G. After many successes at the World Championship in Anzère in 2000 he achieved 2002 at the Paralympics in Salt Lake City no less than 4 gold medals in the disciplines Slalom, Giantslalom, Ski-run and Super G. At the Paralympics in Turin he could enlarge his collection of gold medals. Even a failed start at a ski-run competition could not unsettle him – Gold in Super-G, Giantslalom and Slalom made him, inspite of the new regulations, to the best Germand member of the Paralympics 2006.

Wins And Honours:

  • On April 2nd 2007 decorated with the Laureus Award 
  • Paralympics 2006 in Turin/Sestiere, Italy
  • 3x Gold: Super-G, Giantslalom, Slalom
  • 1st Place Worldcup total
  • 2x Gold: Giantslalom, Slalom 1x Silver: Super-G
  • 1st Place Worldcup total 
  • 4x Gold: Ski-run, Super-G, Giantslalom, Slalom
  • 1st Place Worldcup total



  • 3x decorated with the Silver Bayleaf of the German Government 
  • Nominated Athlete of the Year (16th place of all German Athletes)
  • Bavarians former President Stoiber awarded all medal winners of the Olympic Wintergames with the Bavarian Lion

More information: www.martin-braxenthaler.de


Andreas Gautschi (Rohloff Speedhub Sponsoring)

Rider: Andreas Gautschi

Discipline: Handbike



Swiss Championship Winner!



Look up under:




Martin Krapp (Rohloff Sponsoring)

Rider: Martin Krapp

Disciplin: Triathlon



Martin has participated in the Hawaiian Iron Man competition numerous times to date. His highest place finish so far has been 260th which he achieved back in 1994. You can find him in the Guiness Book of Records together with a swimming team. In his free time Martin organizes and starts the Kassel inline skating season which rolls through our local streets every Tuesday evening throughout the summermonths.


Further information can be found under: www.martin-krapp.de


Oliver Hodatsch (Rohloff Sponsoring)

Rider: Oliver Hodatsch

Discipline: Triathlon / Duathlon




"the worlds fastest postman" and multiple Ironman (Hawai) participant.











Recumbent bicycles

Dirk Henschel (Rohloff Sponsoring)

Rider: Dirk Henschel
Recumbent race



Overall winner of the European Championship in Lelystad/NL via the following 3 placings: European Championship in the hour long race

Second place European Championship in the 3 hour race

Second place European Championship in the 200m sprint with a flying start


This was obtained with the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 as drive component.


More Information under: www.magic-scooter.de



Rider: Warren Beauchamp
Recumbent race



Builds diverse running recumbent bikes in America. Likewise very successful recumbent biker. Owner of some records.



Look up under: www.wisil.recumbents.com/wisil/warren.htm




Battle Mountain Nevada 2002







Further information can be found under: www.speedbikebgl.de



Jörg Weigl (Rohloff Sponsoring)

Rider: Jörg Weigl
World Solar Cycle Challange



Jörg Weigl equiped his solar powered reccumbent with a SPEEDHUB 500/14 for the World Solar Cycle Challenge in November 2001. The combination of technologies helped Jörg achieve first place in one leg resulting in an overall 4th place. In addition, the team achieved a 2nd place finish in the reccumbent category.


How everything started:

Jörg was always inventing and fabricating in his basement at home.  It's no wonder then that he built his first solar vehicle before the age of 11. These early cycle experiences slowly moulded him into the devoted cyclist that he is today. With the money he received for his 18th bithday he bought himself his first reccumbent bicycle. From then on he rated it above all other type of vehicle. He summer holidays were always taken with his reccumbent, once even from Ulm in Germany to Turkey. The 3 months between the completion of his compulsory German national Service and his studies as a technical engineer offered just enough time to ride with his current reccumbent from Mexico City to Alaska.


How everything progressed:

Next to bike riding was his desire to invent (that we spoke about earlier). He invented a bicycle dynamo to be mounted inside of a disk brake. It ran incredibly light and functioned reliably in all weather. This invention won him an award in the German competition 'Jugend forscht' in 1999, a competition for talented youths. Unfortunately the dynamo is not (yet) available to purchase. The last project was the H2 Power Scooter - a prototype demonstrator of helium fuelled motor technic. The Power Scooter allows you to experience the new helium technology first-hand.




Moonbuggy Race - Spacepass

Moonbuggy Race Germany Spacepass mit Rohloff Speedhub 500/14

The participation in this annual announced design competition by NASA achieves for the first time internationality because of the work of a German student team. So far, exclusively USteams took part in this competition. The point is the putting of technical challenges to the youth, connected with the motivation on the work of an engineer, connected with the aims to explore other planets and of course connected with young people having fun in contacting and sportive activities.
Thereby, ethic values get accord, which convey the inquiring mind. The young students have to develop a vehicle which is operated by muscular strength according to the demands of a commission (constiting of head designers of the appollo lunar rover in friendly contact with the designers of the lunochod).


It has to withstand high parameter and demands. It also has to function on a historical area in Huntsville/Alabama and is jugded in different disciplines. All technical, economical, financal and organizatinoal questions have to be solved by the students by themselves. There are two disciplines which differ in the age (High-School and College). Also the construction of the vehicle and the accomplishment of the team seperately are jugded.


The German team has to accomplish much higher challenges. It has to solve additively the logistic of the flight from Leipzig to Huntsville, financing of that and the transport of the vehicle in the baggage. No fraction is permitted to be bigger than 80cm.


According as the mind of an international cooperation in space travel, this vehicle is dedicated to the 95th birthday of Wernher von Braun and the 100th birthday of Sergej Pavlovich Korolev by the students.
On this account, this work is presented to be judged also in Moscow. This is connected with the hope of an active interest in a proceeding international cooperation and interest of the russion students in assembling of an own student team of MAI for the Moonbuggy Race in Huntsville 2008.



More information can be found under:


Deutsche Welle TV





Fortis Saxonia

Fortis Saxonia Team (Rohloff Speedhub Sponsoring)

The Shell Eco-Marathontook took place from May, 21st to 22nd in Nogaro/ France. The Team Fortis Saxonia of the Technical University Chemnitz also took part with their vehicle. The SPEEDHUB 500/14 mounted inside the threewheel construction transferred the power of the electric drive onto the road.



The idea behind and the aim of this competition is to invent or construct a vehicle which is able to cover the longest distance with the lowest need for energy. The current record is 3.494 km with just 1 liter fuel. Shell wants to make the idea of "long lasting energy use" accessible to young people and, therefore, actively supports a responsible handling with our energy resources.



At the Shell Eco-Marathon the winner is not the fastes vehicle, but the team with the least fuel consumption.



Look up under: www.fortis-saxonia.de



Project Runner

Projekt Läufer (Rohloff Speedhub Sponsoring)

"Runner", a project which crosses university boundaries, has been developed by students to connect theoretical knowledge with the actual product development. The runner itself is a touring vehicle which goes a step forward into the future with its weather protection and high travelling speed.


Look up under: www.projekt-laeufer.de











Company Education at Daimler Chrysler AG

paddleboat (Rohloff Speedhub Sponsoring)
paddleboat (Rohloff Speedhub Sponsoring)

The Boat 1, which is called AZUBI POWER (Apprentice's power) during boat racing events, has been put into office in 1997 due to a decreasing of the ship-building sector in Hamburg-Harburg.

DaimlerChrysler took over the boat for their apprentices and made it a spare time project to train them a project orientated work apart from other simulations. Every year there are changes in the construction and the superstructure of the hull to be fulfilled. As they generally let work on the boat all three years of apprentices together, the transfer of knowledge and teamwork of the various professions and years are main part of this project.


Furthermore, the apprentices should work together with students of different company sectors to confirm their own constructions.


In 2005 Rohloff company has joined the project. The Rohloff AG produces a special chain which they put to their disposal. At the World-Cup of human powered boats 2005 they have succeeded in running at full speed 100m sprint and 10km long distance races without any technical fault in the drive.

Another advantage of the chain is the shaft of the boat could be shortened this year for about 300mm. The friction of the water has been reduced remarkably. As they were last year on place 11 of 23 boats, they expect to gain a place under 1 to 8 at the European Masters this year.

The Boat 2 (AZUBI POWER 2) is in preparation. This catamaran will have a shottle (out board) drive within the first step of its construction.  In 2007 the deployment of a shovel-shaped wheel driven by the Rohloff 14-speed gearhub is planned. A model of the drive is made up at the moment.


Look up under: