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Rider Reports

The gear hub has established itself among the globetrotter cyclists as a solid choice. Whether in African deserts, the rainforests of South America, or in Siberian winter - the hub has  proved to be extremely reliable in all conditions everywhere. We receive regular reports from around the world, which we publish here. Each of the cyclists have  completed tens of thousands of kilometres, some already well over 100,000. A better endurance test for the Speedhub is non-existent.




71,000 Kilometres Around The World

In the years between 2000 and 2004 Peter Smolka was on a world tour. In 2013, he embarked on his second trip around the world. On this occasion he had visited five continents and 55 countries over a period of 1433 days. Europe - Africa - America - Oceania - Asia – Europe, all with the Speedhub, which performed like clockwork.


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Rohloff Wanted Day

Winnerstory - Wanted Day

From Lake Constance To Mongolia

As part of their 30th expedition, the longest documented expedition in history, "The Great Journey", a new adventure began for Tanja and Denis Katzer at Lake Constance. Their route: A 15.000 km bicycle tour from Germany to Austria, via Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Siberia and Mongolia.


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Stefan Herb was travelling for 20 months. Believe it or not, he required four Rohloff hubs !?
He was described by Rahman, a mechanic at  Rohloff's Istanbul Service Partner, Bisiklet Gezgini, as a "Rohloff Destroyer." And that's the reason that he is attending the Rohloff company headquarters now. His final comment: "If I had only known then what I know now before I departed, or had read the manual - then perhaps my first SPEEDHUB would still accompany me...?!"



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Baikal expedition

Sport in the winter at extreme sub-zero temperatures?  That wont work, some friends claim.  The problem is that you can not dissipate the heat produced, and the sweat inevitably chills the body. Combining sports with adventure is another factor. But the real challenge is sport in nature and the wilderness, without a warm room in the evening, or a hot shower, without external help, relying only on ones self . This challenge to cycle with mountain bikes on a winter tour from the North to the southern tip of Lake Baikal on ice and snow have been sought and accepted by them. Just this pair.


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20 Years With The Rohloff

In 1998 Andreas Heßberg had one of the first 20 Speedhubs fitted to his mountain bike.
According to Barbara Rohloff, Bernhard Rohloff encountered the one or the other sleepless night, because he had no knowledge how the Speedhub (and us) would fare in the desert, and if we would encounter technical difficulties. The risk at the time, of travelling on the other side of the globe with a Speedhub prototype, also meant for us the acceptance of an eventual failure of the entire tour.


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The Great Northern Expedition

The main purpose of their expedition was to follow the itinerary of Georg Wilhelm Steller (1709-1746), who became the first scientist to set foot on Alaska during the 2nd Kamchatka expedition. Elena and Oliver cycled around the Earth along the northern polar circle.


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Zero to 6000

Anyone searching for the highest peaks on the face of the planet cannot ignore the volcanoes that shadow northern Chile. Situated on the edge of the Atacama deserts, the 6000s line up alongside each other like a pearl necklace. Frank Hülsemann, Markus de Marées and André Hauschke wanted to set a record, using the highest volcano on earth, the Ojos del Salado. Their aim was to be the first to reach an altitude of 6000 metres riding a mountain bike.


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Across The Ice By Bike

Wolfgang Kulow loves adventure. Every stage the 63 -year-old sets his sights upon, is for mere mortals a huge challenge. In February Wolfgang Kulow intends to traverse the frozen Lake Baikal by bicycle. In his luggage, amongst other things, an extremely warm multifunctional jacket, a small one-man tent, a daily dry meal ration of 150 grams and his specially stocked bike.


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What a Trip

Every great journey begins with a vague idea or a dream. In this case, it was the dream to go one day by bike to the end of the world, without motor assistance and shoot a film of his experiences. So Maximilian Semsch got hold of a world map, to calculate the longest distance that he could cycle from his own doorstep, without crossing an ocean. Singapore quickly became the planned destination for his trip.


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Munich to Singapore

In the past, Isabel and Uwe have completed several bike tours in Germany, Europe, Asia and Africa. The plan to make a really long tour upon the cessation of work had matured for a long time. Following a meeting on the Fuorn Pass with Pascal, a Swiss cyclist on his way to Cape Town, they asked themselves: "Why should we wait so long?" They had a bombastic year. They didn't regret the decision for a single day. Every morning one awoke in anticipation of new adventures, new experiences and new views.


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10 Years With The Rohloff

As strange as it may sound, everything actually began with a bicycle accident. That was in June 2002. After Dorothee Fleck had run her first marathon and had just come back from a bike tour to Venice, disaster struck. While she was lying in hospital, a girlfriend gave her the book: "Cold Beer and Crocodiles - Cycling through Australia" by Roff Smith. Back at work a colleague disclosed that she was taking a half a years maternity leave. She would also have liked a half years leave.


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On April 6th 2012, their 30th birthday, the twins Paul and Hansen undertake the longest bike tour of their lives to date. Not to Hungary, not to Poland, not to Italy or the Arctic Circle as on recent tours.
 No, this time it went as far as possible overland to the east. The preparation time was intense, all materials and every little piece of equipment was especially carefully selected. There was only one component that was selected right from the outset. The Speedhub 500/14 from Rohloff.


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Martin L. and Nadine P. from Germany are on a perennial bicycle journey around the world. After 60,500 kilometres in 4.5 years they arrived in Peru; A good time for a short interim report. On their journey, the pediatric nurse and the business school graduate have visited a total of 48 countries on 6 continents, and in doing so have covered 96,500 km by bike, 4300 km by canoe and more than 1500 km on foot.


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Great Divide Tour

The world's longest mountain bike route along the Great Divide, the continental watershed of North America, that separates the outflow to the Pacific and Atlantic, runs from Banff in Canada to the Mexican border. The 4500 km long route through the Rocky Mountains, surmounts eleven 3000 metre passes. At Indiana Pass in Colorado over 3,600 metres above sea level the air is considerably thinner than on any point on the Alps navigable by bike. Klaus-Georg Deck from Heidelberg rose to this challenge and reached his destination after a good 22 days, in 16th  position, at Antelope Wells, a nondescript border guard post at the US-Mexican border.


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20,000 Medals for Alaska

Klaus Lüttgen had his trailer assembled quickly and all his possessions stowed away as he stood at the airport information desk, his vehicle attracting curious glances.The lady at the desk is particularly impressed by his venture, "20,000" Medals For Alaska and immediately gave him an address: "My daughter lives with her husband in Valdez, you need only to ask for her at the Post Office, because everybody knows everyone else there”. Who would have imagined that? Hardly off the plane and even a possible overnight stay at his main destination, Valdez.

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Havy Duty Tandem

Meanwhile they are a family of five, who operate a self-catering small-holding family farm. The Klemm family currently have two milking cows, a two and a half year old heifer, a one-year calf, two heifers and two bulls and a flock of 40 Wallachian sheep. The eight hecktares farm is anything but rounded off and spread over an area of thirteen square kilometres. The terrain is often unpaved with hilly and forest roads.

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The Grenzstein Trophy is a self-catering trip along the former inner German border. One cycles, wherever possible, on old concrete slab border patrol roads. On the 17.06.2010 at 7:30 all participants assemble at the tri-border area following a common breakfast at the restaurant "Zur gemütlichen Kleintierschänke" in Mittelhammer and start together. A field report by Waltraud Schulze.


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[Translate to en:] Mon vèlo

[Translate to en:] Er sendete uns diesen Beitrag von Punta Arenas aus, südlich von Chile, es sind nur noch noch paar hundert Kilometer zu fahren, um das letzte Ziel zu erreichen: Ushuaia. Das Rennen, es war wirklich ein Zeitrennen über die Anden, startete vier Monate und 11.000 km zuvor in Quito, Equador und führte hauptsächlich über nicht asphaltierte Wege.


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Sporting Reports

Tour d' Afrique

The longest mountain bike race / expedition through Africa! Diagonally traversing the African continent from north to south in 120 days, comprising of  95 cycling days, ten different countries and almost 12,000 kilometres, which had to be accomplished by bike. Those were the known facts, which prompted almost 60 enthusiastic cyclists and adventurous people from the whole world, to plunge into this four-month adventure.


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Snow Epic

Following 3 days skiing, cross-country skiing and fatbike testing in Engelberg, the 3 Rohloff team riders (Michael Opper, Ralf Kropp und Andre Ahamer) are well prepared for the launch of Snow Epic 2015 on Thursday 15.01.2015. Since it was the first Snow Epic event, none of the riders knew exactly what to expect. Consequently the Snow Epic was a real adventure with a special atmosphere.

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Speedhub Champion 2010

The Rohloff AG held for the first time, within the framework of the the Rohloff Mad East Challenge 500, a Rohloff SPEEDHUB Championship. The search was for the fastest and toughest mountain biker using the SPEEDHUB, over the tantalising Erzgebirgisch trails. The route was pure torture, and of the 280 competitors about 1/5 were en route with the gear hub.


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TransAlp 2009

The Jeantex Transalp is probably the toughest mountain bike stage race in Europe. Every year more than 400 teams face the challenge to cross the Alps in eight days. From Mittenwald in Bavaria to Riva del Garda in Italy, the cyclists have to conquer an altitude of more than 22000 metres and a distance of 630 kilometres. Rohloff AG is traditionally represented by several teams.

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