Z Team

Rohloff products symbolize quality made in Germany which is important for road and mountain bike races, Trials, and Triathlon. The Rohloff S-L-T 99 derailleur chain in particular, consistently proves its superior quality and high durabilty.


From the beginning, Rohloff has supported top amateur and professional cycling teams. That's why so many national and international races have been won with Rohloff products. In 1990, the Tour de France and World road championships were won on Rohloff equipped race bikes.








From 1990 to 1994, Team Z (later GAN) raced the European professional road circuit using Rohloff products. In 1993 and 1994 the Belgium LOTTO Team used Rohloff components riding to victory in the 1994 Paris-Roubaix. In 1995 and in 1996 the FESTINA pro-road team used Rohloff products and each of those years mountain goat Richard Virenque won the polka dot climbers jersey in the Tour de France. In 1996 the English Team ENERGY has been successfully supported by Rohloff.








Rohloff also supports the efforts of many German road teams in national races. From 1992 to the present TSV HEINRICH SCHMID BETZINGEN is dedicated to Rohloff products and DIRK BALDINGER, now riding for the POLTI pro team, became German Amateur Road Champion in 1994 with Rohloff.


Not only in road racing do people appreciate the special qualities of Rohloff products. Over the last years Mountain Bike racers have demanded top quality components as well. From 1994 to the present, German Mountainbike and Cyclocross-specialist RALPH BERNER has relied upon Rohloff products and has won national championship titles along with many international results including 10th place at the Olympic Games in Atlanta 1996.







We have also provided Rohloff products to many well known national mountain bike teams since 1994. The bike action teams ROCKY MOUNTAIN, PRO-FLEX, SYNCROS and RACE FACE triumphed in 1994 with REGINA STIEFL and MARIA KNUST winning the German Cross Country and Downhill Mountain Bike Championships. Another well known team which since 1994 has equipped their racers with Rohloff products is the German GT racing team. In 1996 German GT-rider REGINA MARUNDE became German National Cross Country Champion, she has won the Grundig TOP-TEN-CUP, and has taken a fantastic 7th place at the Olympic Games in Atlanta all while racing with the Rohloff S-L-T 99 mountain bike chain.









Andreas Hessberg Bike

Rohloff equipment has also experienced the most extreme conditions. ANDREAS von HESSBERG has made expeditions through the ice of Greenland and over the Mongolian Plains using Rohloff components.


In 1996 HUBERT SCHWARZ was the first human being to ride a bike "around the world in 80 days" relying completely upon Rohloff components.


When the first prototypes of the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 were produced they had to pass long term endurance tests. That way Andreas von Hessberg's bike was equiped for the first time with a new gear hub, which was tested then 5,000km in Namibia and Botswana/Africa. And after gaining the best results it shouldn't be his only travel on bike.


Time after time more and more Opens internal link in current windowbike expeditions were equiped with a Speedhub 500/14. It was intended to check the hub for its long life and durability in order to present a brand new bicycle drive to the bicycle market.


Not only  Andreas von Hessberg, but Opens internal link in current windowTilmann Waldtahler and Opens internal link in current window Peter Smolka collected many kilometers with their Speedhubs, on which they could rely on totally, as well as Opens internal link in current windowElena V. Poddubnaja and Oliver Schmidt, who have put the hub to the test on their bike travel around the Arctic Circle riding the most varying terrains. Meanwhile, many bike travelers rely on Rohloff products and the support of the Rohloff company on their long term travels. 





Tilmann Waldthaler

Tilmann Waldthaler packed his pannier bags for the first time in 1977 before starting off on a world tour. Over 40,000km through 108 different countries riding from the Antarctic to the Arctic, from the North Cap in Norway to South Africa, just to name two of his many spectacular tours.

He lives out his dreams on the streets of the world. Through books, lectures and reports everybody without the possibility of undertaking such an adventure can share his magical experiences. All his travels can be tracked in under www.tilmann.com. There you'll find interesting information and his views about how the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 has served his needs.



Racesolarmobil "Dyname"

The first race with the Rohloff Chain S-L-T 99 was not a bicycle-race but the "Tour de Sol" in 1987, the chain mounted inside a solar racing mobile named "Dyname" , manufactured in Kassel. The Dyname has been developed by some students of the Kassel University Ghk together with teachers of the vocational college "Oskar von Miller School" and, of course, Bernhard Rohloff. The chain was integrated as an alternative drive of the vehicle. Straight away, at the very first race this vehicle obtained the world championship in the category "solar racing mobile with additional drive".