Rohloff Speedhub

The Rohloff AG was established in 1986 by Bernhard and Barbara Rohloff as a GmbH to produce and market the S-L-T 99 High Reliability Bicycle Chain.

The use of our chains in the Tour De France made the Rohloff S-L-T 99 immediately internationally renowned. Since then, great sporting achievements have been annually accomplished thanks to the reliability of this chain. Plenty of extreme travellers who are riding on extreme tours and expeditions, e.g. through the ice of Greenland and the desert sands all around the earth have put their faith on the quality and long life of all Rohloff products.

Rohloff would like to express our thanks to all our riders for the great and successful teamwork, without you it would be impossible for further developments of Rohloff high reliability products. All employees here at Rohloff are themselves active bike riders and represent our future customers directly.