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Company Philosophy

Raven is the Company Logo
Raven is the Company Logo

The philosophy of a company is the basis for a master plan – a combined effort to achieve success. These principles form a motto towards which the company feels compelled.

No slogans - just facts!

 The principles of Rohloff AG run like a thread through the company’s history. This is best formulated in a quote from Erich Kaestner: “There is no good, unless you do good”. This binding phrase reminds us how necessary trust and reliability is in order to build a long lasting platform for success.

The brand ROHLOFF keeps its promises.

It is, therefore, both obligation and capital in one.


Customers who remain true to the company over a number of years know they can rely on our slogans when choosing a Rohloff product. We don't raise false expectations; we offer extensive information about our highly valued products. Each product has quality that everybody is able to see for him or herself. We invest great means in the development and the quality control of our products in order to maintain their attractiveness for both retailers and consumers in the future.A modern quality control system ensures that only the highest quality products ever leave the company premises. To achieve this, every single employee feels responsible for the impeccable outcome of any product that leaves his or her work place at every staff level.The products from our subcontractors must also satisfy our high demands on quality. For this reason, Rohloff works nearly exclusively with German subcontractors in order to avoid any miscommunication – this is a necessity in order to uphold the high quality of all components produced. Based on fairness and reliability, we uphold our trustworthy contact with business partners and friends over many years. Rohloff products have set new trends, but the daily success only guarantees the constant willingness to innovate and develop further. This method allows Rohloff to hold its head high as the “new gear-shifting concept“ and thus, stands out against its competitors with a clear brand profile.Many years of experience and creativity has secured us in our top position – because from Rohloff ideas, successful technologies and products are realized!

Better DO than SAY 

A company is nothing without its employees. Each of the motivated staff is convinced every one of their colleagues is working together towards a common cause. This is the ultimate condition when striving for a successful company. Our employees go through a clear orientation process with an unmistakably organized structure. They are assigned a leader/mentor who is open and co-operative at all times.

All Rohloff employees are aware that their dedication will not only be thanked but honored as well. Fair wages are important for us and we employ, therefore where possible, objective methods of valuation. Of course, our male and female employees receive equal pay for the same work.

We take into consideration stress due to family and work and we do our best to give both male and female workers equal opportunities.

We are considerate to the special needs of our older and disabled employees.

We try to meet the needs of our employees with the offer of flexible work organization. We respond systematically to the abilities of our employees and give assistance in cases where additional qualification is required.
We welcome suggestions for improvement and constructive criticism.
We regularly conduct individual meetings with our employees and so are constantly aware of the current needs and requests of all our staff. We require teamwork in order to find solutions for multilayer jobs. We formulate and reach the company goals together.

Let achievements speak for themselves

One of the most important demands of our time is the protection of our natural vital resources. Investments in conservation of the environment cost money, but in our opinion, the long-term investment is worth every penny. Rohloff is committed to working towards an environmentally friendly atmosphere and works on improvements in production methods, products, packaging and logistics. Moreover, we endeavor to constantly reduce the emissions of our company.

We see sponsoring sports events as an investment in the future. Whilst in practice or competition, the extreme operating conditions of our products give us the best insight into any necessary improvements of the product. The enemy of excellence is improvement, even with Rohloff products.

However, it is not just the innovative ideas, extraordinary products and motivated employees that sustain the company’s success; it is that we are free in our business decisions and are able to respond quickly in order to adapt to the demands of the market. Rohloff is a family stock cooperation. The company's welfare, its employees and their families are our obligation. Our customers, dealers and subcontractors know they can rely on Rohloff - true to our company philosophy.


No Slogans - just facts!