Splined Carrier with Lock-Ring for Carbon Drive / SPEEDHUB splined sprockets

The new Rohloff Splined Carrier 'L' (Art.#8540L) has been specially developed for the use with Carbon Drive splined sprockets and will be available as an addition to the ‘regular’ (Art.#8540) and ‘slim’ (Art.#8540S), tool-free Rohloff Splined Carriers.

The main difference between this new Splined Carrier 'L' and the other two existing Splined Carriers, is that the ‚L‘ version secures the sprocket in place using a Lock-Ring which will require the use of a face-wrench, hook-wrench or the special Rohloff Lock-Ring tool (Art.#8518) to secure the sprocket in place.

The Lock-Ring should be secured with a tightening torque of 30 Nm.

The Lock-Ring ensures that Carbon Drive sprockets are secured laterally to the Splined Carrier' L' and  thus eliminates any micro-movement of the Carbon Drive splined sprockets created  by the pre-tension of the Carbon Drive belt.

These two new articles (#8540L & #8518) should be available from the end of August 2018.

Compatibility of Splined Carrier 'L' with Rohloff Splined Sprockets:

  • 13 & 14 tooth Rohloff Splined Sprockets: - Not compatible!
  • 15 - 19 & 21 tooth Rohloff Splined Sprockets: - Compatible!
  • We recommend use of the regular splined carriers (Art.# 8540 & Art.# 8540S) for chain use due to the advantages of tool-free sprocket mounting/removal.

Splined Sprocket Carrier 'L' is not compatible with any Hebie Chainglider.

  • Art.#8540L: Rohloff Splined Carrier L (incl. Lock-Ring)
  • Art.#8538: Rohloff Lock-Ring (available separately
  • Art.#8518: Rohloff Lock-Ring tool

Rohloff Lock-Ring Tool