German Design Award 2017 - for Tout Terrain Modell »X Over Scrambler« with a Rohloff SPEEDHUB

The Gundelfinger Bike seller Tout Terrain – Bicycles and Equipment OHG was awarded for its model »X Over Scrambler« with the German Design Award 2017.
More details in the magazine Radmarkt.
Is it a mountain bike? No. What is it then? It is a bicycle with no limits. You can use it on trails, in the woods, and on the streets, most suitable on all terrains on the same tour. The X.Over.Scrambler is surprisingly versatile, because due to the broad 27,5" tires you can manage gravel roads as well as single trails. With the necessary luggage in the big pannier bags the short adventure can begin!
Thanks to less maintenance and the encapsulated technic of the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 the X.Over is made a reliable companion. Steel frame, gearshift, and toothed belt need so little maintenance that driving pleasure is more essential than technic. No knick-knack, just what is necessary. 

Mobil energy   
It comes with an extern storage battery with a capacity of more than > 3.000 Ah meter, which can be charged per USB. The Smart Power Pack II (SPP) can be placed comfortably inside the handle bar’s pocket and can recharge the smartphone any time. Over the Plug III or a regular plug the SPP itself can be charged. Of course, the SPP can be used as a cache battery. Additional function: LED flashlight, emergency back light, and SOS function.