Frank Regge at P-Way Marathon in Sauerland/Germany

That weekend the 7th edition of the so-called "P-Way-Marathon" took place. Runners, walkers, hikers, and bikers had the chance to athletically explore the four-valleys town in Sauerland for two whole days of activity. The perfectly organized events on Saturday included a half marathon, marathon and ultra-marathon over 67 km! Sunday activities included two tracks for the mountain bikers with a choice of43km or 88km trails.

There was also the chance to achieve a combination grade combined of running and cycling. Frank Regge of Team Rohloff started on Saturday morning at 10.30h in the short combination under relatively damp weather conditions through which all participants had to suffer. Frank achieved the half-marathon distance of 21km/650 hm in 1:50:38h reaching the 3rd AK place. On Sunday his ever reliable Endorfin-Rohloff-Hardtail-MTB contributed with 2:24:22h on the 43km/1200meters altitude MTB race to defend the previous days 3rd AK placing. That morning the reliable power transmission advantages of the Rohloff Speedhub shone again as the rain started and the heavy soil began clogging up the derailleur competition. Despite the poor conditions and heavy rain, we are pleased to announce that the entire race was completed without one crash or malfunction.

Again kudos to Kassel!

Frank Regge, P-Weg Marathon