Absa Cape Epic 2011 – 707 km/14.500hm: Altitude Preparations at Full Tilt

Both Rohloff-Endorfin riders Ralf Kropp and Michael Opper, who from March 27th to April 3rd 2011 will start for the bike sport news in South Africa, are finishing their final preparations.

While Ralf has been in Tasmania clocking up 1,500km on his MTB as preparation, Michael has absolved a hard training schedule since the end of the 201 season to ensure that he is in top form for the race. Great results were already registered at the performance test on February 2nd 2011! In the final weeks prior to the start, both athletes have planned further speed training excercises in order to optimise their sprint performance after which - its showtime!! The preconditions are now set and a successfull participation in this spectecular mountain bike race is expected:

Hello Africa!