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High quality, precision bicycle transmissions. Providing a proven, durable construction and outstanding performance coupled with extremely low maintenance costs. The Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 is THE benchmark against which lesser bicycle transmissions are compared.

Rohloff products are constantly under the spot-light both in high performance sports as well as continuous operation in the touring cycling sector. A SPEEDHUB 500/14 bicycle transmission is the ideal complimentary component for high-powered E-bikes and capable of withstanding the enormous torque produced by both Tandem and Cargo Bikes.

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DIAlle - Halles erstes Reisefestival am 21.10.2017

Du reist selbst gern? Du erfährst gern von Reisen anderer und lässt dich mitnehmen? Du hast selbst Lust, über deine Reise zu sprechen? Am 21.10.2017 ab 16 Uhr auf dem Gelände des Postkult e.V. im Böllbergerweg 5 findet Halles...

24h Rennen München

24h Race in Munich

The „24 Race 2017“ in the Olympic Arena in Munich was on a Saturday this year. More than 1000 mountain bikers were sent down the tracks across the Olympic park. There were solo riders, duo-teams, four-man teams, and eight-man...

Gruibinger Albtrauf-Marathon

5th Gruibinger Albtrauf-Marathon

The Deutsche Meisterschaft MTB Alptrauf-Marathon took place in the long version. It was raining buckets and the racetrack was muddy accordingly. Only on Sunday 9a.m. it stopped raining. But the wetness came from underneath, then....



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The Speedhub in detail

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Latest NEWS on and about Rohloff products.


Rohloff E-14

The new E-14 from Rohloff synchronizes perfectly with the mid-motor, Bosch eBike system to operate the now legendary Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14. This revolutionary combination of robust transmission, electronic shifting, wide gear...


Flange Support Rings

Increasing flange stabilityThe spoke flange of a hub is subject to enormous loads. These loads can shorten the lifespan of a hub if the wheel is not correctly maintained or built to the correct specifications. Our Flange Support...


Spokes in Rohloff Quality

Only spokes with a neck length of 2.9mm and produced with a high quality, burr-free head are suitable for use with the SPEEDHUB 500/14 hub flange and thus able to ensure a long-lasting and strong wheel-build. The spokes supplied...