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High quality, precision bicycle transmissions. Providing a proven, durable construction and outstanding performance coupled with extremely low maintenance costs. The Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 is THE benchmark against which lesser bicycle transmissions are compared.

Rohloff products are constantly under the spot-light both in high performance sports as well as continuous operation in the touring cycling sector. A SPEEDHUB 500/14 bicycle transmission is the ideal complimentary component for high-powered E-bikes and capable of withstanding the enormous torque produced by both Tandem and Cargo Bikes.


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Transalp Logo

Bike Transalp 2017

Nach 2015 ist Ralf Kropp vom Santos Rohloff Team zum zweiten mal mit bei der Tour am Start.


14th documenta - 14 Countries - 14 Gears

Two school mates, two towns, one destination: Leon Groß and Vincent Keller rode an adventurous bicycle tour from Athens to their hometown of Kassel in Germany. This was not just a bicycle tour it was a part of a self-designed...


Across Kassel on E-Bike

Sixth-times world champion Maro Hösel artistingly rides on his E-Bike through Documenta-Town Kassel, always looking for the next challenge.  His driving power: a Bosch motor combined with a Rohloff Speedhub – an ideal couple of...



Technical mastery:
The Speedhub in detail

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Product News

Latest NEWS on and about Rohloff products.


Modification From Screw- Sprocket To Pluck-In Sprocket

Each Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 gear hub can and has to be remounted with the new Pluck-In-Sprocket system on a splined carrier. Because of the already made conversion to pluck in sprockets in the production line since autumn 2016,...


Product News 2017 - Eurobike 2016

Rohloff will be presenting the worlds first 12mm thru-axle frame compatible IGH at this years (2016) Eurobike Show.

race handlebar van nicholas

Van Nicholas - divisible handlebar for Rohloff Twistshifter

Shifting Possibilities:- Van Nicholas unveils another first with their new divisible handlebar. Rohloff SPEEDHUBs have been a popular choice with Van Nicholas (founded in 1986) customers ever since they were introduced back in...