Titanium Mountain - Earley

Radname Titanium Mountain - Earley
Hersteller Firefly Bicycles [USA]
Internet www.fireflybicycles.com
Kategorie 29er / 650B, Exzenter-Tretlager EBB, Gates Carbon Drive, Scheibenbremse
Eingestellt 20.03.2013

Firefly Mountain :: TitaniumEveryone has a favorite. Maybe it’s a park, maybe it’s a trail, maybe it’s a section that you cleared just that one time. Whatever it is, it comes with a story. This is Mike Ramponi’s story.


Mike Ramponi is a local endurance mountain bike legend. He’s been mountain biking since 1985 when he bought an ill-fitting Diamondback with Bull Moose bars. He only rides rigid single speeds. He prefers mechanical disc brakes and leaves the cable extra-long “just in case.”


Blue Hills Reservation, down the street from our door, is his favorite. As a kid, before he rode mountain bikes, he explored Blue Hills on his dirt bike. The trail map is his signature. Take “Mission to Berma.” Mike saw it before it existed. “I’m always looking for berms. If you see a berm in Blue Hills, that’s me. I look at them and say ‘there’s a line.’ ‘Mission to Berma’ became ‘Mission to Berma’ because that’s what it is. It’s all about the berms.”


That’s Mike. Blue Hills is his favorite. This is the bike we built for him.


Tell us about your favorite. We’ll build the bike for you.