Series 26inch Rohloff

Radname Series 26inch Rohloff
Hersteller Avaghon (NL)
Kategorie Reiserad / Gravelbike, Verschiebbares Ausfallende
Eingestellt 27.12.2011

Every person is unique. This also applies AvaghonSeries bicycles. Especially for longer excursions the correct seatingposition is very important. Avaghon has developed their own bikefittingprogram. By means of this and your favorite seatingposition on the fittingbike, the bike is indiviually assembled.


The frame is standard built with lightweight double-butted chromium-molybdeen steel tubes and microfusion lugs. The reartriangle is extra supported by means of the crossed seatstay.

The advantage of "classical" steel is that the bicycle passes on less from the pavement and as a result it drives more comfortably than a bicycle with an aluminium frame. The AvaghonSeries frame has ovalised tubes to get even more comfort.

And if you have underway bad luck like damages from transport in a plane, train or bus: a steel frame is worldwide always almost to be repaired.


With the frame as heart of the bike, Avaghon is for example mounted with the 14-gear Rohloffhub and furthermore with strong handspoked wheels, mudguards, strong carriers, lighting systems; everything as your individual choice.

AvaghonSeries also has models with 28inch wheelsizes and lady-mixte frames.