Radname Rocca
Hersteller Zinn Cycles [USA]
Kategorie MTB, Verschiebbares Ausfallende, Scheibenbremse
Eingestellt 04.04.2013

The Rocca is a light, responsive, cross-country mountain bike with 650b wheels made to tear up the racing circuits. The pressed downtube sets a good base for a stiff and durable frame while keeping the weight down. The Rocca is fast on smooth single track and easy to maneuver on technical climbs, a true high performance cross-country race bike. Our progressive rear suspension design is simple, yet smooth, absorbing the big hits without bouncing back on the rebound. If you are looking for a bike that handles technical terrain and cruises over rough downhills, the Rocca is for you. The Rocca sports 3″ of travel. We can set it up with a 80mm or 100mm fork. No longer available with 26″ wheels or concentric pivot. This bike is not compatible with a singlespeed or internally geared hub setup.