Radname p29
Hersteller Ritchey [USA]
Internet www.ritcheylogic.com
Kategorie Scheibenbremse, Verschiebbares Ausfallende, 29er / 650B
Eingestellt 07.10.2013

The return of the legendary Ritchey Mountain Bike. Tom Ritchey applied over 40 years of racing, designing and building steel mountain bikes into a new model—the P-29er.


Like any Ritchey, this bike is born to go fast without sacrificing comfort or durability. Heat-treated, triple-butted Ritchey Logic II tubing in our own unique butting profiles results in a frame that balances rough trail compliance with sprint-winning stiffness.


The 29er-specific geometry was defined by the best way we know: countless hours of saddle time under Tom Ritchey, World Cup legend Thomas Frischknect and other racers. The result: nimble handling that captures the benefits of the big wheels, stable but not sluggish, equally at home on all-day epics or tight, technical singletrack race courses.


The instantly-recognizable tri-color fade is a tribute to the classic Ritchey P-series racing mountain bike.


For mounting a Rohloff Hub:

for PM (Postmont) Discbrake (direct PM Frame)

-SPEEDHUB Version CC DB PM + colour + 32/36 spoke holes

-PM Bone 8555

-Chaintensioner 8250

-4-hole disc rotor


OLD Models:

for PM (Postmont) Discbrake (IS Frame)

-SPEEDHUB Version CC DB OEM2 + colour + 32/36 spoke holes

-IS-PM Adapter Monkeybone (8553= 160mm/8554=180mm)

-4-hole disc rotor


with IS Discbrake:(IS Frame)

-SPEEDHUB Version CC DB OEM2 + colour + 32/36 spoke holes

-IS Adapter SPEEDBONE (8550=160mm/180mm)

-4-hole disc rotor