Radname Moritz
Hersteller Zinn Cycles [USA]
Kategorie MTB, Verschiebbares Ausfallende, Scheibenbremse
Eingestellt 04.04.2013

The lightweight titanium frame of the Moritz absorbs shock, so you get the performance and response of a hardtail with some of the comfort of rear suspension. The Moritz is an excellent technical trail bike and it’s perfect for long distance rides and races. It’s available with 26” wheels or 650b for extra traction. If you travel a lot, check out the Monte Grappa World, which is outfitted with S&S couplers to make traveling with your bike effortless. Get the 3” travel version or the 5” travel version for more all-mountain performance. Also available as a single speed or with a Rohloff hub.


Titanium needs no introduction. As a bike frame material, it is legendary in its durability, liveliness, and ability to smooth the jolts of riding on rough terrain. A titanium bike is impervious to corrosion – elegant in its stark, unpainted simplicity. Lennard Zinn has over 15 years of experience designing custom titanium bikes, so you can be certain that yours will fit perfectly and last a lifetime. Zinn titanium frames come with a lifetime warranty.