Radname Jota
Hersteller Velosmith [AU]
Kategorie Trekkingbike, Verschiebbares Ausfallende
Eingestellt 22.03.2013

Jota (Yohta) - Tibetan for ‘iron horse’ - perfectly describing the ultimate expedition touring bike, at home in the deserts of Australia, the mountains of Tibet or commuting to work on the potholed and debris strewn streets of our cities. What makes the Jota particularly special is the drivetrain.

The Rohloff 14 speed hub gear is unique in the history of bicycle transmission, never have so many gears been packaged in sealed virtually maintenance-free unit. The hub is just perfect for an expedition style of bike, its totally unaffected by water, mud, dust and sand it will always change perfectly from one gear whatever the conditions. With just one chain ring and straightforward chain line the whole bike is uncluttered, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly incredibly reliable. Rohloff have been making the hub for over ten years and not one hub has had a failure of its internal gear mechanism despite some having been ridden in excess of 100,000 kilometres. It is this level of dependability, that out in the middle of nowhere miles from the nearest bike shop, that makes the Rohloff the only choice for expedition touring.

The hub is operated by a twist grip style of changer, which enables you to change through all 14 evenly spaced gears in one go when riding AND when stopped. A 27-speed derailleur system once duplicated and unusable gears due to cross chaining have been taken into consideration has approximately the same number of useable individual gear ratios as the Rohloff hub. One of the weaknesses of touring bikes with derailleur gears is the severely dished rear wheel, an Achilles heal that can (and does) cause problems of spoke breakage and out-of-true rims. A Rohloff hub equipped rear wheel has no dish at all, this coupled with quality DT spokes and rims produce an wheel that will not give any problems whatever the terrain you are riding on or the load you are carrying. Basically the gearing and rear wheel of a Rohloff equipped bike are as close to indestructible as it is possible to get. The frame of the Jota is customised for the Rohloff hub with extended vertical dropouts and tandem style eccentric bottom bracket for a simple, easy to adjust, fit and forget chain tensioning system. If you are only going to own one bike as the workhorse of your day-to-day and recreational cycling the Jota is the perfect bike. Although primarily aimed at expedition touring with front and rear racks or BOB trailer it’s versatility means that fitted with high-pressure 1” tyres, mudguards and lights a Jota makes an unbeatably stable, nimble and maintenance-free commuter bike.