Custom Ti

Radname Custom Ti
Hersteller Carver Bikes
Kategorie City Bike, Verschiebbares Ausfallende, Gates Carbon Drive
Eingestellt 14.02.2013

When you think of custom, often you think of long lead times and outrageous prices. Not so at Carver bikes. You can have the custom geometry you want, at the same price as a stock frame. The only catch (there's always one, isn't there?) is that you will have to wait 6 weeks. If that's not a problem, go for it. Carver Bikes or your local Carver Dealer can work with you to determine the best combination of geometry, tubing thicknesses and features. If you already know what you like, that's even better!! We've built some odd frames...double downtube, travel coupling frames, BMX, Rohloff, Belt get the picture. If you can dream it, chances are we can build it for you.


The base frame for all custom MTB frames is the Carver 99er, and the base frame for all custom fat bike frames is the Obeast 2011. The Ti 420 and Obeast 2012 are both production frames and are not available as a customizable frame, although it is possible to recreate similar frames by hand-picking custom options at their respective prices.