Radname Classic
Hersteller Retrotec [USA]
Kategorie MTB, Exzenter-Tretlager EBB, Gates Carbon Drive, Scheibenbremse
Eingestellt 20.03.2013

The Classic Retrotec is what started this whole thing off way back in 1992. Bob had a desire to race his old cantilever frame, but there were too many things to overcome. This set him on his way to figuring out how to produce a high quality modern geometry cruiser. The style and design of these early bikes are still in every Classic I build. Over the years we have ridden the snot out of these bikes figuring out what worked and what didn’ t. The early version had one tube set that we used in all the frames, now we can design the tube set to match the rider and riding style. Retrotec Classics are not the lightest bikes around, but they are the lightest steel cantilever frame that can be ridden day in and day out. The Classic can be built into any style of bike we make.