Chimera BD

Radname Chimera BD
Hersteller Woodrup [UK]
Kategorie Trekkingbike, Verschiebbares Ausfallende, Gates Carbon Drive
Eingestellt 22.03.2013

Our latest creation the Chimera BD has been designed as a do anything, go anywhere low maintenance tourer/ commuter. The name Chimera originates from Greece and describes a mythical creature with more than one strain of DNA. We have named our new creation this as it can be adapted to most kinds of riding and terrain.


To allow for us to use the belt technology we sent a frame to Gates in Germany to have it stress tested and the frame passed with flying colours, this is what Gates had to say: - “The frame passed the tests very well. The frame stiffness is in an area where you can use the combination Rohloff/ Carbon Drive without modifications to your frame. The angular tolerances are incredible. You make excellent frames and you definitely know you craft.”