The Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 has been developed for both pros and performance oriented hobby cyclists who can appreciate it because of its reliability, perfect single gear ratios, wide range of gears, low maintenance and easy operation; its weight and efficiency are ideal even for pro racing.


The sealed gearbox ensures reliability and durability even under the toughest conditions. The even increments of 13.6% between gears make it possible to ride continuously at peak performance. The overall range makes sure that you always have access to the right gear regardless of situation. Pure fun is guaranteed.


VSF..all-ride zertifiziert

The SPEEDHUB 500/14 is operated by a twist shifter which shifts simply by pulling separate cables up or down. The indexing of the shifting lies not in the shifter as with common designs, but inside the hub. There is no wear on the indexing system nor need to adjust it.

The first part of the model code (CC/TS) refers to the axle type.




Two different axle types are available:


Cross Country

Hollow axle for use with a quick release lever. This axle is shown on the red and black hubs pictured below ton the right.


Threaded Spindle

Solid axle with axle nuts M10x1. This axle is shown on the silver hub pictured on the right.

Speedhub 500/14 TS silver "Picture 1"

The following part of the model code refers to additional hub specifications:


OEM2 version

Available as either a CC OEM2 or TS OEM2 axleplate accordingly. Is designed to anchor the output torque to bicycle frames fitted with international standard (IS 2000) disc brake mounts. This axleplate is shown mounted to the black SPEEDHUB pictured on the right.



Tandem version

Supplied with longer shifter cables and flange support rings for tandem use.




External Gear Mech

Fitted with an external gear mech. This is shown mounted to the red hub pictured on the right.



Disc Brake

Fitted with a disc brake hub-cap and external gear mech EX. Both parts shown fitted to the red hub pictured on the right.



OEM version (original equipment manufacturer)

With CC OEM or TS OEM axleplate according. This OEM axleplate is compatible only with frames using special Rohloff OEM dropouts. This axleplate is shown mounted to the red SPEEDHUB pictured on the right.


Speedhub 500/14 OEM2 "Picture 2"
Speedhub 500/14 Disc Brake "Picture 3"



All Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 models are available in a choice of three colors:

silver alu polished

Silver: Anodized

red anodise

Red: Anodized

black anodise

Black: Anodized