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chain tensioner

The Rohloff Chain tensioner is a spring loaded device that maintains chain tension in a single driveline application. It should be used with the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 when horizontal adjustment of the hub is unattainable or in rear suspension applications where the distance between the bottom bracket and the rear axle change throughout the range of travel. The Rohloff Chain tensioner is an excellent choice for any conversion to a single driveline system (i.e. SPEEDHUB 500/14 or singlespeed).

The Rohloff Chain tensioner is easy to install, it simply mounts to the existing derailleur hanger of the frame. Spacers are used for lateral adjustability. For the quick wheel removal the Rohloff Chain tensioner swings back when pulling the wheel out of the dropouts. The Rohloff Chain tensioner has a tensioning capacity of 10 chain links which is sufficiant even for long travel rear suspensions.

On dropouts thinner than 7mm, the use of the 13 tooth sprocket or splined sprockets (chainline 58mm) will require the use of the longer mounting bolt. This is available separately.

The Rohloff Chain tensioner can be ordered under the following Article number:
Description: Article No.
Chain tensioner (110g) 8250
Chain tensioner jockey wheels 8251
Chain tensioner spring 8248
Chain tensioner mounting bolt 8253
Long mounting bolt 8255
Chain tensioner hanger plate 8254

Further information over the Chain tensioner can be found under downloads.