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The Rohloff AG is a company which has repeatedly shown its innovative power by developing new products in the field of motive power engineering for bicycles. Top athletes in particular have appreciated the companys products for a long time. That does not only hold true for their well functioning but also for their great reliability and durability.


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Yes, the rumors are true, the Rohloff AG are pleased to announce that we finally have a prototype 170mm O.L.D. Fatbike SPEEDHUB up and running. A bit of background first. What is a Fatbike?: The Fatbike scene has been growing...


The Bike Station Road Show on tour The motto: "Do you still fix your bike - or - are you already cycling?" The Bike Station Road Show will start on Friday 25.4.2014 in Helsinki and will visit four cities in Southern Finland. On...


Die Spezialradmesse, internationaler Branchentreff mit Ausstellern aus zwölf verschiedenen Ländern, bleibt ihrem Ruf als „spezielle“ Veranstaltung auch in der 19. Auflage treu. In diesem Jahr ist sie Wochen vor Eröffnung fast...


Am Sonntag eröffneten ca. 900 Starter beim SKS-Kellerwald-Bikemarathon die Marathon-Saison in Deutschland. Bei trockenem Wetter und leicht veränderter Streckenführung konnte der Frühjahrsklassiker seinem Namen erneut gerecht...

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